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Scope of Telepresence in Education

The education sector consists of school, colleges, universities and various private institutions. Primary & Secondary Education, Higher education and vocational training form the core of any education system. It is the key to the socio-economic growth of the country and instills social & cultural values. The education industry is growing and the demand for quality [...]

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Game Theory in Economics

Game theory is "the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers."   In other words, game theory in economics is employed to help determine the course of action taken by individuals after taking into account the decisions taken by others. Thus, an important part of game theory is the consideration of decisions taken by other individuals who are part of the same model. The use of modern game theory in economics was pioneered by John von Neumann who employed the zero-sum game model in economic scenarios. 

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Benefits of Solar Roofing

Solar roofing is a way of tapping solar technology by placing solar panels as roof tiles-on the roofs. Solar roofing is made up of photovoltaic cells contained in solar panel shingles with a durable back case. The similar to roof looking shingles gives it an extra edge over the other solar array methods of implementation.

Solar roofs are seeing an increase in implementation and usage. There is increasing technical sophistication in the technology. Building solar roofs is mostly the same as building normal roof shingles except there is a solar array laid in it.

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What is Biomass?

Biomass is probably the oldest and most well known renewable source of energy, especially in rural areas of developing and under-developed countries. Biomass in simple terms is the biological waste or material from living organisms or recently alive organisms. Biomass is mainly constituted of carbon and is composed of a mixture or organic molecules containing hydrogen, usually including other inorganic atoms of oxygen and nitrogen.

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Android Security

Android has taken the mobile OS market by storm. Today, it has the largest market share among all mobile OS. Security is one of the prime concerns for mobile users today. As the power and functionality of mobiles increase, so has their vulnerability for attacks by viruses etc.  Perhaps Android is more secured than any other mobile OS present in the market today.

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Mobile Insurance and Benefits

Mobiles have become integral and inseparable part of our lives today. New and advanced models of mobile phones and their accessories are launched almost every day. Some of these are really expensive gadgets. One such category of expensive and widely used phone are smart phones such as iPhone. Nowadays, smart phones are used like computers, day planners, address books and photo albums. Mobile users understand the importance of mobile phones and they need to keep it away from the unidentifiable hazards.

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