Thieves essential oil is basically a blend of clove, rosemary, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata and lemon. This was initially formulated way back in the 15th century by a group of robbers in France who prevented themselves from contracting the deadly plague by a generous application of this oil blend. Through various researches and experiments, the Weber State University in 1997 proved that Thieves oil blend contains a lot of health benefitting elements and can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria and virus considerably. These health benefits of Thieves essential oil can be used to treat various diseases.

Why is Thieves Essential Oil beneficial ?

The Thieves essential oil is a perfect blend of other healing ingredients clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata, lemon and rosemary. Each of these oils is known to possess medicinal properties; therefore a perfect combination of these oils makes it more beneficial.

Health Benefits of Thieves Essential Oil

The Thieves essential oil is known to have anti- bacterial properties which in turn provide you with a number of health benefits of Thieves essential oil. Proper use of this essential oil can help cure many diseases.

Benefits for Cuts and Wounds : Since Thieves oil blend possesses anti-microbial properties that enhance the healing process and prevent the occurrence of further infections on the affected area. This helps in healing cuts and wounds rapidly. Combination of the Thieves essential oil with V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil can cure cuts and wounds effectively.

Benefits for Sore Throats and Bronchitis : Gargling or drinking Thieves essential oil mixed with water is very effective for treating thieves essential oil benefitssore throats.  Direct application of this concentrated oil on throat and chest area can help cure bronchitis. Intake of this oil with a few drops of honey can cure coughs. It is also beneficial in curing laryngitis. By using it on a regular basis will help you avail the health benefits of Thieves essential oil.

Benefits for Headaches and Head Pressures : The Thieves oil blend helps in curing headaches2 and head pressures caused due to fluctuating sugar levels. Application of this oil on the roof of your mouth or on the forehead or temples can relieve you from headaches and head pressures.

Benefits for Teeth and Gums : Due to the anti-bacterial properties, the Thieves oil works effectively on cavities and toothaches. It also helps in reducing inflammations of the gums. Adding a drop of this oil to your toothpaste can help in enhancing the health condition of your teeth.

Benefits for Skin : The Thieves essential oil is highly beneficial for skin. Application of Thieves oil in combination with V-6 carrier oil reduces acnes considerably.  It also instantly cures pimples as a single drop of this oil on the pimple shrinks it and gradually irradiating it. This oil is also helpful in treating warts.

Benefits for Eyes : Application of the Thieves essential oil in a diluted form helps in curing pinkeye and other eye inflammations. This oil also helps in improving your vision by rubbing it on your big toe.

Benefits against Sinuses and Allergies : Inhalation of the vapour of the Thieves essential oil is very effective in the treatment of sinuses and prevents aggravation of allergies. Application of this oil on the foot can keep you away from colds. Allergic rashes caused by poison ivy can also be cured with the help of this oil.

Benefits for Foot : Application of the Thieves essential oil helps to ward off fungus growth on your feet. It also helps in curing winter bugs.

Benefits for Bones and Joints : The Thieves essential oil helps in reducing the pain caused by fractures and broken bones. Application of this oil on the affected area makes healing of the bones faster. It also works effectively on arthritis.

Benefits for Immune System : The Thieves oil fights bacteria and virus with full efficiency. This helps in enhancing the immune system of your body. Daily intake of this oil can prevent you from contraction of a number of diseases.

Benefits for Lungs and Respiratory Tracts : Combination of the Thieves essential oil to orange juice when drunk helps in curing phlegm and other congestions in respiratory tract. This oil also helps in reducing lung congestions.

Benefits as a Disinfectant : The Thieves oil acts as a great disinfectant. This essential oil when used in sanitizers, hand washes, laundry, sprays and other cleaning agents will keep you away from infections, thereby encouraging a healthy life.

Benefits for Insect bites : Application of Thieves oil on insect bites and wasp stings will give you relief from the extreme pain and will help in soothing of the area.

Benefits for Cold and Canker Sores : The Thieves oil when applied to the cold sores and canker sores can reduce the irritation, swelling and pain considerably.

Other Health Benefits : The Thieves essential oil can be used as a mouth freshener. Due to anti-bacterial properties this oil prevents any kind of bacteria growth inside your mouth, thereby, giving a freshness to your mouth and makes your breath odour free. This oil can be blended with other ingredients to create soaps as this oil provides antiseptic properties and helps in effective cleaning. A drop of this oil on your tongue can discourage smoking. By drinking a glass of water with a drop of this essential oil can prevent you from contracting herpes. Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, this oil can be used as an effective air freshener. A drop of this oil on the vents of the air-conditioners and room heaters can help you in getting rid of air-borne diseases. Lyme disease symptoms can also be reduced by daily intake of this oil. Therefore, there are numerous health benefits of Thieves essential oil.

Precaution while using Thieves Essential Oil

Thieves essential oil should not be used for kids under 18 months of age. It is not recommended for pregnant women as well. When used in moderate to high concentration, the essential oil may cause irritation in the skin. People who use contact lenses should be very careful and should not touch the oil before they clean their contact lenses or wear them. When used in low concentration, the oil is largely safe. However, a patch test is recommended.


The health benefits of Thieves essential oil helps you in leading a healthy life and prevents you getting infected with various diseases. The Thieves essential oil can be used as an effective hand-wash, room-freshener, washing agent and as toothpastes. To further enhance the health benefits of Thieves essential oil, use it as a cleaning agent for a bacteria free environment. The Thieves essential oil should be stored in dark colored glass bottles for proper retention of its medicinal properties.