About us

In today's era of sub-standard information overload The Research Pedia aims to provide free and quality first level research through our portal along with custom research and consulting offerings for specific needs.

Our portal is currently focused on providing free research insights on emerging technologies in IT industry such as cloud computing, SaaS, etc. Our easy to understand online articles are excellent read for professionals, students and others enthusiastic to learn about various industries. Through our portal we also provide latest news, job openings and insightful white papers to our readers.

In many cases basic understanding is not enough and we address these specific research requirements through our second offering – custom research services, for various industries across the globe. Key target audience includes professionals in industry, consulting, financial services and research who are looking for insights, understanding market dynamics and future trends. A few examples of custom research include:

  • Sector and industry specific analysis
  • Trends and ecosystem analysis
  • New concept and its impact analysis
  • Company / competitor analysis
  • Understanding business aspect of technology