Astrowatt Inc.

Astrowatt is a privately held company engaged in developing solar cells. The company is based in Texas, USA and was founded in July, 2006. 

Astrowatt claims to have developed two technologies that lower c-Si cell manufacturing cost per watt by 50% over other c-Si high-efficiency cell manufacturer's roadmaps and 30% below leading thin film technology roadmap targets.


  • Semiconductor-on-metal (SOM): SOM technology creates an ultra-thin silicon metallic substrate with precise thickness required for optimum efficiency. The company ensures that there are significant saving as the exfoliated foils provides internal light reflection needed for thin c-Si cells to increase the generation current leading to reduction in production cost.
  • Litho-less Local Back Contact (LBC): The Company claims to create high-efficiency cells with hetero-junction and back contact cell architectures without lithography or lasers. Combined with the SOM technology, AstroWatt cell are assumed to reach more than 20% efficiency.

                                                 Exhibit: Production process leading to Cost reduction


  • Crystalline Silicon (c-Si) Solar Cells: the company’s technologies help reducing the consumption of silicon for manufacturing c-Si Solar cells.
  • Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV): the company claims that its core technology manufactures CPV cells by creating low cost metallic foil.
  • Light-emitting Diodes (LED): the company creates metallic foil with device (light reflection) and thermal dissipation advantages for improved device performance.

The company filed three patents applications in 2009 and owns one patent that is “method of forming an electronic device using a separation-enhancing species” issued on June 6, 2010. Another patent is SOM (Semiconductor-on-Metal) technology.


AustinVentures and New Enterprises Association, Inc are the main investors of the company.

Top Management

  1. Curl Vass- CEO
  2. Dharmesh Jawarani- Executive Vice-President & Co-Founder
  3. Leo Mathew- CTO & Co-Founder
  4. Rajesh Rao- Director of Technology

Recent News

  1. The company presented itself at Clean Energy Venture Summit on September 21, 2010.
  2. The company achieved 13% efficiency in the solar cells using SOM technology on 11 March, 2011. 


16900 Willow Oak Ln
Round Rock
Texas 78681-3406
Phone: +1.512.947.3064