Bloom Energy

Bloom Energy is in the business of energy production with solid oxide fuel cell technology. The company claims to produce clean and reliable energy at an affordable cost by generating power on-site from renewable or traditional fuels. The company was founded in year 2001 by Dr. KR Sridhar and his team who were charged with creating technology at University of Arizona (as part of the NASA space program).

The company, originally named Ion America, is a private company and headquartered at Sunnyvale, California. The company employs over 700 people as on June 2011 and the revenue generated in the year 2010 was USD 102.7 million. Bloom Energy has produced more than 75 million kilowatt hours for its customers since the company’s initial commercial installation in 2008.

Business Line, Product And Service Offerings
The company claims that the fuel cell technology is derived from common sand like powder. The on-site power generation systems utilize solid oxide fuel cell technology.

  1. Blooms’s Energy Server: this server is a power generator consisting of smaller modules that can be stacked to scale up to the power specification.
  2. Fuel Cells: these devices works like batteries that convert fuel into electricity through electro-chemical process. Fuel cell delivers power to small office buildings with one unit.

The Energy Server Technology is used by leading companies like: Adobe, Google, eBay, Walmart, Staples, Bank of America, Safeway, SimCenter, COX Enterprises, FedEx Express, Cypress Perform, Caltech, Kaiser Permanente and so on.

Strategic Partners
The company is partners with AT&T, a telecommunication service provider.

The primary investors are Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, New Enterprise Associates, Mobius Venture Capital and Morgan Stanley.

Top Management

  1. KR Sridhar- Principal Co-Founder and CEO
  2. Bill Kurtz- CFO and CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)
  3. Girish Paranjpe- Managing Director
  4. George Nguyen- COO (Chief Operations Officer)

Recent News

  1. On July 12, 2011, Bloom Energy announced that it will install energy servers, or bloom boxes at eleven AT&T (Telecommunications service provider) sites in California.
  2. On May 26, 2011, Bloom Energy announced Mr. Girish Paranjpe to be the Managing Director.
  3. On January 2011, the company launched “electrons”, its fuel cells-as-a-service program, by which company will sell electricity to the customers.


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