Blue Spark Technologies

Blue Spark Technologies designs, develops and manufactures printed, proprietary power source solutions for the battery-powered printed electronic systems. The company was launched in 2003 as thin Battery Technologies and headquartered at Ohio, USA. The company’s aim was to develop printed batteries built on patented IP acquired from Everyday Battery Company (now Energizer). The revenue generated was near about USD 245.27 million and around 5,000 employees as of fiscal year 2010. 

Business Line, Products And Service Offerings

The company provides standard ‘off the shelf’ products as well as solutions that are customized as per customers’ requirements. The company is primarily engaged in designing and manufacturing printed battery. Current product offerings include:

  1. Blue Spark ST (Standard) Battery series: this series is patented thin printed battery design. The company claims that these batteries are capable of delivering peak drain currents of at least 1mA and eco-friendly. This are suitable for Battery-assisted RFID, RF-enabled sensor systems and data loggers, RFID smart cards and IDblue spark logo badges, medical care devices, cosmetic patches, powered display customer loyalty and gift cards, interactive consumer goods packaging and merchandising displays.
  2. UT (Ultra-Thin) Battery Series: the company claims these to be thinnest printed battery, flexible and durable. These UT batteries are available in wide range of shapes and sizes. Though the applications are limitless, these are useful from consumer goods manufacturing, to financial services, retail, transportation, security, hospitality and gaming.
  3. Blue Spark HD (High-Drain) Battery Series: HD series are designed for applications requiring extra power during peak current delivery. These Batteries have customizable symmetric design feature. The HD Series application consists of transdermal drug delivery and wound care patches. Interactive retail merchandising displays and musical displays cards.

The company’s customers include manufacturers, product designers and integrators across multiple industries including: interactive packaging, RFID, pharmaceutical, powered smart cards and novelty items. 

Strategic Partners

The company’s partner network consists of technology firms and electronic solution providers. The company has technological as well as application partners. The company is partner with Sealed Air Corporation for the application purposes. 


The prime investors are Key Capital Corporation (KCC), SunBridge Partners, Early Stage Partners, ORIX Capital and Interlaken LLC.

Top Mangement

  1. Norbert Dawalibi- President & CEO
  2. Gary Tucholski- CTO & Vice President of Technology
  3. Nancy Rubin- Vice President & CFO
  4. Matt Ream- Vice President of Marketing


  1. The company appointed Norbert Dawalibi as the new CEO on April 12, 2011.
  2. The company closed USD 12.26 million series B investment as on December 15, 2010.
  3. As on October 22, 2010, the company was among 20 finalists who submitted package designs for Project 2020: the consumer experience at PACK EXPO produced and sponsored by PMMI.

806 Sharon Drive, Suite G
Westlake, Ohio 44145
Phone: +1 (440) 249 5400
Fax: +1 (440) 249 5421