Cloudscaling Inc.

Cloudscaling is a privately-held cloud computing consulting firm specializing in strategy, execution, and support services for telcos, service providers, enterprises, and governments building public, community, and private clouds. It was founded in 2006 by Randy Bias and is headquartered in San Francisco and office in Singapore.


Business line, Product and Service offerings:

  1. IaaS Solution: It build clouds on the “Google and Amazon” model that pairs commodity hardware running open source software combined with aggressive automation.
  2. Storage Services: Cloudscaling Object Storage technology provides hardware/software stack and operational tools to service providers, governments and enterprises needing to deliver petabyte-level storage to their users and the developers that support them.
  3. Consulting Services: The Cloudscaling team comprises experienced consultants with depth and expertise in the core service offerings, which include:

    • Business Plan Development – Defining your market, developing the product roadmap, and building the financial model
    • Technology Architecture Strategy – Creating the long-term, scalable technology roadmap
    • Cloud Design and Implementation – Developing the engineering plan and executing the buildout
    • Organizational Empowerment – Transforming the culture to support the new cloud paradigm
  4. Industry Solution: Cloudscaling provides solution to various segments of industries

Cloudscaling provides its products and services to KT (Formerly Korea Telecom), CloudCentral (Australia), Engine Yard, Tier-1 ISP, VMware, etc.

Cloudscaling has partnered with Citrix, Intel, Nokia Siemens Networks,, Rackspace, Openstack, Cloud Technology Partners, Nexenta, Arista, enStratus, Splunk and RightScale.

Top Management:

  1. CEO – Michel Grant
  2. Co-Founder and CTO – Randy Bias
  3. Co-Founder and COO – Adam Waters

45 Belden Place
San Francisco, CA, 94104
Main: +1 (877) 636-8589
International: +1 (415) 508-3270