Cohesive FT Inc.

Cohesive FT is a provider of virtual infrastructure and cloud computing established in the year 2006. It has offices in London, Chicago and Palo Alto. The company was chosen as one of Cloud and ICT 2.0 Summit 2010 Selected Companies and selected as AlwaysOn OnDemand Top100 Winner.


The company has raised capital from several investors:

  1. Murray Family Investments LP
  2. Chess Venture Ltd
  3. OCA Ventures
  4. Clay Struve
  5. Nauiokas Park

The products offered by the company are as follows:

  • Elastic Server: it is a product which helps in assembling, testing and deploying custom stacks and servers for operation system, virtualization format and cloud format. It is available as on-demand edition, on-premise edition and dedicated cloud hosted edition. The versions available of the company’s private factory are as follows:

Exhbit: Elastic server versions

  • VPN-Cubed 2.0: it is commercial solution which provides customer controlled networking in a cloud, across multiple clouds and between private infrastructure and the clouds. VPN-Cubed Managers are hybrid devices which are virtual routers, virtual switches, SSL VPN concentrators, firewalls, and protocol re-distributors, configurable in a mesh. It is available in four versions: Cloud Only, Datacenter Connect, vCloud and Virtual Network Service.


The company has partnership in the following:

  1. Cloud Partners: Amazon Web Services, ElasticHosts, Eucalyptus Systems, Flexiscale, Gigaspaces, GoGrid, IBM and Skytap.
  2. Virtualization Partners: Citrix Systems, Parallels Inc and VMware.
  3. Technology Partners: Canonical Ltd, MuleSource Inc, RightScale, SpringSource, WSO2 and Zeus Technology.
  4. Solution Partner: I.D Rank Security.

Top Management

  1. CEO and CTO: Patrick Kerpan
  2. COO: Dwight Koop


Headquarters: 200 South Wacker Drive, Suite 1500 Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (888)444-3962
Fax: (312)873-4678