Cumulux Inc.

Founded in 2008, Cumulux is a service provider, which along with its complimentary products, enable enterprises strategize, develop and operationalize cloud computing applications. The company also implements Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions based on platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 and


The products of Cumulux enable businesses to bring content from to other applications in real time. The two primary products are – Hybrid Axis and Mobile Axis

These provide the extensibility that allows customers to surface customer data in different contexts.


  1. In a collaborative effort with Microsoft, Cumulux has built a solution which exhibits how to build scalable multi tenant solutions on the Windows Azure platform.
  2. Dynamic Scaling: Cumulux is in the process of building a set of services which will enable customers to dynamically adjust the load on their cloud applications based on application load, elastic demand and predictable peaks in the business. This service will be offered initially on the Windows Azure Platform.
  3. Sharepoint Migration Co-Existence Framework: Cumulux offers a set of tools to enable migration and co-existence of traditonal and online versions of Sharepoint.


Cumulux has a strategic partnership with Microsoft and has been an early adopter of Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform. Cumulux has been building various products on Azure including building the first Enterprise Mobility solution – Mobile Axis powered by the Azure cloud.

Latest news and achievements:

  1. Cumulux has been recognized recently as a Top 150 Player in Cloud Computing by the Cloud Computing Journal.
  2. Cumulux profiled in “Real World Azure” Series
  3. It has been recognized as a “Top Cloud enabler and leader” by a leading online software magazine based in Silicon Valley
  4. It also featured in the Top 50 SaaS companies as listed by SaaS Chronicles
  5. Cumulux has been named in the list of the “Top 10 Emerging Vendors” by CRN
  6. Cumulux has been awarded the prestigious “2010 Microsoft Cloud Partner of the year”


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