Endeavors Technologies Inc.

Endeavors Technologies, Inc. creates, develops, and markets application virtualization and streaming software solutions. It offers Application Jukebox, a software distribution and virtualization solution that enables existing windows applications and servers to stream personal computer based applications to the client computers. The company was founded in 1996 and is based in Irvine, California. Endeavors Technologies, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Endeavors plc.

Products, Services and Offerings:
The application virtualization startup Endeavors Technologies (formerly Steam Theory) evolved in the virtualization market in 2006. Endeavors Technologies deals in application virtualization and streaming technologies, with eight patents granted (and another nine pending) for isolated, non-isolated, and configurable streaming (among other technologies). Application Jukebox software, the latest generation of Endeavors’ solutions, enables existing Windows applications to stream to PCs, where they run, perform, and act as if they were natively installed.

  1. StreamFlow: Endeavors Technologies adopt isolated virtualization approach that maintains the earliest patents (1996/7) in this space. StreamFlow was designed to stream and virtualizes games to an operating system in an isolated environment, preventing conflicts and system crashes.
  2. AppExpress: The application will interact with all local or networked resources and interact, as designed, with all other applications whether they are streamed, virtualized or locally installed. Endeavors Technologies has several patents pending associated with this technology.
  3. Application Jukebox: By combining the isolated technologies in StreamFlow and the integrated technologies of AppExpress, Endeavors Technologies has launched software technology with configurable virtualization – An application can be virtualized as isolated or integrated or as a combination of the two.


  1. Channel Partners: AppWare, Blackhawk Technology Consulting LLC, Clearmanage, Doegel IT-Management, FACTOR Group, interAct, Nan-In Technology, NTT Europe Online, Proxy Networks, Software2, visionapp, Wallace Corporation
  2. Technology Partners: Oracle, Software2, Sun Microsystems, visionapp

Top Management:

  1. CEO – Paul Hacker
  2. Founder and CTO – Arthur Hitomi
  3. CFO – Ed Corrente
  4. COO – Pete Brosnan


  1. On 18 October 2010, European IT Company Stratodesk signed partnership agreement with Endeavors.

15635 Alton Parkway
Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618 USA
Tel: +1 949 833 2800
Website: http://www.endeavors.com