Energy Innovations Inc.

Energy Innovations was founded in 2001 with a mission to deliver cost effective, grid-competitive solar electric power by using High Concentration Photovoltaics (HCPV). Bill Gross is the founder of Energy Innovations, an original concept developed at Idealab. The company is privately held.

The company has its headquarters in Poway, California, USA. As of now, the company is concentrating exclusively on US markets and as the initial few phases of development complete and successful, the company hopes to expand to foreign territories. 

Business line, products and service offerings:

The company focuses on producing Highly Concentrated Photo Voltaics (HCPV’s). Their main product is the Sunflower Highly Concentrated Photovoltaic system which integrates photovoltaic modules, advanced tracking, power optimization, an embedded controller and wireless communication into one black box to produce competitive solar power while reducing installation and maintenance costs.

The company claims many benefits and features of this Sun Flower system such as: 29% module efficiency, 1,200 sun concentration onto high-efficiency triple junction cells, tempered glass composite primary lens which enhances reliability and reduces soiling, Wide Acceptance Angle, optical design yields +/- 0.9° acceptance angle, Integrated Tracker Frame-Set, Low-profile design which enables quicker installation and minimal on-going maintenance, field wiring connection is plug and play

Micro-Converter Technology: Optimizes power by providing local MPPT (maximum power point tracking), Improves performance of shaded modules, Improves inverter performance in low light conditions

Performance Monitoring: Built-in performance monitoring allows module level performance statistics, fault alarms, remote monitoring and field management, provides up-to-date energy delivery statistics for the customer, Integrated wireless communications eliminates the need for extra cabling

Business Model 

The company’s immediate goal is to reduce the payback time for a solar power system so that it becomes a sensible and logical investment to electricity users around the world, whether they are grid-connected or not. The company’s strategy is to exceed the cost-effectiveness of existing photovoltaic-based systems through innovations in both the collection of solar energy and the generation of electric power from it.

To execute this strategy, the company has developed a compact tracking system to concentrate solar energy and a customized photovoltaic cell designed to work efficiently under concentrated sunlight. Their first product is a fully-integrated HCPV system which we have been testing extensively to ensure long life, reliability and ease of installation. 

Strategic Partners/Alliances

Prior to June 2005, all of Energy Innovations' development efforts had been funded by Idealab, a technology incubator. At that time, the company was joined by MDV-Mohr Davidow Ventures. 

Top Management

  1. CEO – Joseph Budano
  2. VP, Sales and Business Development – Philip Joosten, 

Recent News

  1. March 28, 2011: TEAL Electronics, a San Diego based subsidiary of SL Industries, Inc. (AMEX: SLI), announces the receipt of a $1M order from Energy Innovations for product designed specifically for the Solar Power market.
  2. September 28, 2010 : Energy Innovations announced that it has been selected as a finalist in the Clean Technology category for Tech America San Diego’s 17th Annual High Tech Awards.
  3. October 1, 2010: Energy Innovations, Inc., announced today that it will be introducing a new generation of standard carport products for its HCPV modules at the Solar Power International show in Los Angeles, California on October 12 – 14.


Energy Innovations
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