Enomaly founded in 2004, is one of the early movers in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) space. The firm caters to telecom, Internet Data Centers and managed hosting operators in North America, Europe and Asia. Some of its key customers include, France Telecom, Bank of China, Best Buy, CentriLogic, etc. The company is headquartered at Toronto and is privately held.


Product and services overview:

  1. Company’s Elastic Computing Platform (ECP) is popular product offering. ECP’s version 1 and version 2 had been deployed more than 15,000 times. ECP 3 (ECP 3.5 was released in 2011) has also been released in the market. The product is available in three versions:

    • Service Provider edition: targeted towards telecom carriers and hosting providers with a simpler customer interface
    • High Assurance edition: targeted toward customers who require high security capabilities other features are similar to Service Provider edition
  2. Company also provides various solutions around its products including

    • White label (theme able) cloud
    • Disaster recovery services
    • Cloud desktops for clients which require their desktops to be consolidated at datacenters so that they can be accessed from anywhere. This service is developed in partnership with Ericon.
    • Private clouds
  3. Apart from the above, company also provides consulting services to develop cloud computing strategy for enterprises exploring cloud option.
  4. Enomaly in 2010 started SpotCloud with a free and private version (with enhanced capabilities) to enable selling and buying of cloud capacities.

The company has developed partnerships with some well-known names in the industry such as, HP, Intel, Redhat, etc.

Top management

  1. Chairman and CEO – Dr. Richard Reiner
  2. Founder & CTO – Reuven Cohen


Enomaly Inc
300 The East Mall
Suite 102
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M9B 6B7
Website: www.enomaly.com