Flexiant Ltd.

Flexiant is a software & services company based in based in Livingston, Scotland. It boasts of being one of the three independent public cloud providers in Europe. Flexiant provides cloud infrastructure software & services to hosting providers, data centres & telecommunication operators.

The company has grown by developing solutions in-house and also by acquiring. In 2009, it acquired Exility technology and the team from XCalibre Communications Limited. Exility is now Flexiant’s flagship product.


The product of the company ranges from pay per go to virtual platforms allowing enterprises to build their own private or public cloud platforms. The three key products of Flexiant are as follows:-

  1. Exility – This includes enterprise data centre licensing solutions along with real time user interface and end to end billing engine. The company claims that Exility takes around 15% of a typical deployment cost. The three technical components of Exility are 1) user interface and control system, 2) one or more XVP clusters 3) storage subsystem made up of several redundant storage nodes, and a network subsystem. Clients are billed under three heads based on the volume of business –

    • Initial License Fee (ILF)
    • Monthly Periodic License Fee (PLF)
    • Monthly recurring fee
  2. Reseller Hosting – This is a white lable reseller service. Through this service, Flexiant enables its clients to offer their customers a cloud hosting platform. The resellers have four levels, starting from casual resellers to Gold partners based on their involvement.
  3. Flexiscale 2.0- This service is a pay per go virtual dedicated servers. The service has no subscription fee and minimum term of contract / lock-ins. The service is priced in units. The pricing chart as of Sep 2010, is provided below:

Exhibit: Pricing model for FlexiScale (as of Sep 2010)

The company has partnerships for its services, some of the partners of Flexiant include firms such as CohesiveFT, Right Scale, Phoenix Fire, etc.

Top Management

Founder: Tony Lucas
Chairman: Laurence Blackall
CEO: Alex Bligh
Director of Sales & Marketing: Robert Karssiens

Recent News:

  1. April 18, 2011: Flexiant announced the upgradation of its cloud platform Exility & launched IPv6 support.
  2. March 24, 2011: Flexiant provided license of its Exility product to Denmark’s Netgroup. This would help Netgroup to meet the increasing demand for cloud solution in Denmark & beyond.
  3. November 29, 2010: Flexiant announced its partnership with Phoenix Fire as an entry to the US market.


Headquarters: Livingston (Head Office) Geddes House,
Kirkton NorthnLivingston,
EH54 6GU, UK
Phone: +44 0870 050 0080
+44 1506 606 000
Fax: +44 1506 606 013
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.flexiant.com