Ice Energy Inc

Ice Energy is the provider of intelligent energy storage solutions to the utility industry. The company develops utility-scale, distributed energy storage solutions. The business is developed on simple concept that is to store the energy at night and use it during day time when it is most needed.

The company was founded in 2003 and has it’s headquarter in Windsor, Colorado. The additional offices are located in Sacramento and Orange County, California, and manufacturing facilities in New York State. The company employed 60 people as on June 2011.

Business Line, Product And Service Offerings

Ice Energy provides technology with software infrastructure. Ice Energy system includes:

  1. Ice Bear Energy Storage System: Works in combination with commercial direct-expansion (DX) air-conditioning systems. The system stores energy at night and use it during the peak day hours.
  2. Ice-Ready Rooftop Units: Commercial rooftop packaged air conditioning units from HVAC manufacturers. This unit works with Ice Bears in a plug-and-play fashion. See exhibit below.

  1. CoolData Controller: Controls the Ice Bear system, manages the connected rooftop packaged unit and serves as a gateway for managing additional demand and consumption on installed buildings.
  2. Utility Dashboard: Provides utility operators with access to cumulative system and performance data from individual units.

Ice Energy provides solution service for Building Owners, Managers, Occupants, Architects, Engineers, Contractors and other interested parties. Utility companies are the major customers for the company.

Strategic Partners

The company has strategic partnership with companies like Carrier Corp., Data Aire, LogiFusion, Mercury Corporation, OSIsoft, SAIC and TRANE. Ice Energy is working towards building the Ice Bear Ecosystem with active engagement with wide range of companies.


The company has developed financial support through sales of common equity and preferred stocks to the investors. Investors include: Energy Capital Partners, Goldman Sachs Group, Good Energies, Sail Venture Partners, Second Avenue Partners and TIAA-CREF.

Top Management

  1. Frank Ramirez- CEO and Co-founder
  2. Brian Parsonnet- CTO and Co-founder
  3. Gregory W. Tropsa- Executive Vice President and Co-founder
  4. Joseph Desmond- Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer


  1. On February 24, 2011, the company announced the release of an updated and expanded version of its energy storage modeling guide for utilities.
  2. On January 25, 2011, the company announced strategic partnership with Carrier Corp.


9351 Eastman Park Drive
Windsor, Colorado 80550
Phone: 970-545-3630, Fax: 970-545-3634