Nanosys Inc.

Nanosys was founded by Larry Block, a serial entrepreneur in 2001 to innovate and find solutions to challenges faced by electronic manufacturers. The product R&D has resulted in more than 700 patents and patent applications for the company’s discoveries.

This is a privately held company. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA. The company has close to 100 employees . The company has another facility in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Business line, products and service offerings:

  1. Nanosys delivers process-ready materials for:

    • Electronic device manufacturers seeking LCD displays with better color gamut, efficiency and brightness.
    • Lithium ion battery makers aiming to deliver higher battery capacity in consumer electronics.
  2. Display technologies : QDEF™ and QuantumRail™ are composed of Nanosys’ proprietary, high efficiency quantum dot phosphors. These tiny phosphors convert blue light from a standard GaN LED into different wavelengths based upon their size. Larger dots emit longer wavelengths (red), while smaller dots emit shorter wavelengths (green). Blending together a mix of dot colors allows for developing a new spectrum of light. This allows LCD manufacturers to accurately match their LED backlight to their LCD color filters to achieve the best possible color and efficiency performance. The result is a real life kind imaging and display output. 

                                       Exhibit : Illustration of usage of QDEF and Quantum Rail

  1. Higher capacity batteries : The Nanosys SiNANOde™ additive, architected from a silicon composite, manages volumetric changes, cycle after cycle, and mitigates the problems historically associated with using silicon in lithium ion battery anodes.

Strategic partners

In December, 2010 the company partnered with SEMATECH to develop Flash Memory technologies. In January 2010, the company completed an agreement with LGIT fir QuantumRail products. In August 2010, the company announced a strategic alliance with Samsung Electronics for co-development of thin film solar panels.

Investors/ Venture capital

The company is backed by many institutional investors due to its potential in the display markets. In the last round of funding the company raised USD 31 million . Its investors include

  1. Arch Venture Partners
  2. Venrock Associates
  3. El Dorado Ventures
  4. CWGroup
  5. CDIB Bioscience Venture Management
  6. Prospect Venture Partners
  7. Healthcare Focus Fund (CalPERS)
  8. Harris & Harris Group, Inc.
  9. Lux Capital
  10. Morningside Asia
  11. Coller Capital
  12. Mega International Commercial Bank
  13. United Overseas Bank Limited
  14. Wasatch Advisors
  15. Masters Capital Nanotechnology

Top Management:

  1. President and CEO – Jason Hartlove
  2. CFO – John Page
  3. Chairman – Steven Goldby

Recent News:

  1. July 16, 2011 : Quantum dot enhanced display technologies had shown better results than the normal LED displays and has been touted as the technology of the future.
  2. May 18, 2011 : Society for Information Display (SID) awarded Nanosys’ Quantum Dot Enhanced Film (QDEF™) the first-ever Display Week Best in Show in the small exhibit category.
  3. April 18, 2011 : Nanosys was named a finalist in the 2011 TiE50 (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Awards.

2625 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304
United States of America
Phone – 650 331 2100
Fax – 650 331 2101