Neptuny aims to provide solutions for optimizing IT infrastructures and applications through a business oriented approach. Neptuny was founded in September 1980 and had its initial public offering in August 1988. It has its corporate headquarters located in Houston, Texas and International headquarters located in Amsterdam and Singapore.

It has major offices located in Houston and Austin, TX; San Jose, CA; Boston, MA; Amsterdam; Singapore; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Pune, India. It has market coverage in more than 124 countries. With approximately 6,000 employees worldwide it generated revenue of USD 1.91 billion in 2010.


Business line, products and service offerings:
Neptuny flagship product is Caplan (“Capacity Planning made easy”), the holistic, agent-less and automated solution that allows customers to safely rationalize, optimize and consolidate their data centers and networks. Neptuny major references are leading companies in different market segments in Europe and US.


  1. Neptuny’s Managed Services include: Fully-outsourced services (i.e. no licences –no hardware) – It provides:

    • End-to-end Monitoring of Web Services and Applications
    • End-to-end Monitoring of Mobile Services and Applications
    • IVR Monitoring enabled by sophisticated text-to-speech and voice recognition technologies.
    • Compliancy with Security standards and infrastructures by means of validated technologies (e.g. supporting one-time password token identification)
  2. Neptuny’s Consulting Services, provides capacity management and IT optimization consulting and services that produce repeatable, cost-effective, quality results for its customers. Since October 2010 Neptuny Consulting Services operates as an independent organization under the new brand Moviri.

Strategic Partners:

  1. Xen Optimization Group: It is a privately held corporation headquartered in Connecticut. Xen Optimization Group offers virtualization assessment and consolidation estimate services along with contract consulting and programming services.
  2. SXC: The Company specializes in the assessment, provision and implementation of systems management solutions in medium and large companies.

Top Management:

  1. Chairman & Chief Executive Officer – Robert E. Beauchamp
  2. Senior Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development – Ken Berryman
  3. Senior Vice President, Administration – Hollie Castro


  1. BMC Software Extends Leadership in Virtualization and Cloud Management with Acquisition of Neptuny’s Software Business.
  2. Neptuny introduced Caplan 3.3, latest version provides relevant new features and major improvements in several key areas, mainly to improve the ability to manage virtualized environments and to support virtualization initiatives.

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