Oerlikon Solar

Oerlikon Solar offers equipment and turnkey manufacturing lines for the mass production of thin film silicon solar modules. The company had its origin in 1984, in the PV Lab of The Neuchatel Institute of Microengineering (IMT) in Switzerland where Dr. Aravind Shah initiated work on thin film solar technologies. In 2003, Oerlikon founded its own R&D lab and entered thin film silicon PV. This is a publicly traded company and is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange.
The company has its headquarters in Trübbach, Switzerland. The company has as many as 700 employees in 13 locations worldwide, a number of factories in production around the globe and maintains sales and service centers in the USA, Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Japan. Revenue of the company in 2010 stood at USD 297.6 mn.

Business line, products and service offerings

Oerlikon Solar is one of six business segments within the Oerlikon Corporation; a manufacturer of production systems, components and services, for thin film silicon solar, vacuum pumps, drive systems, textile-manufacturing and precision-technology products.

Oerlikon Solar designs and manufactures equipment and turnkey manufacturing lines for the mass production of environmentally sustainable thin film silicon solar modules. The copany claims that with its amorphous and high-efficiency Micromorph® tandem technology, Oerlikon has dramatically increased the efficiency of thin film silicon. 14 customers in seven countries, and more than 3.5 million modules produced and more than 450 MW of capacity produced worldwide.

Oerlikon Solar’s core technology

The fully automated FAB 1200 is the latest generation in solar module manufacturing lines. Oerlikon Solar’s FAB 1200 applied proprietary technologies for the mass production of thin film silicon solar modules include three key components:

  1. TCO 1200 for depositing transparent conductive oxide (TCO) layers in a low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) process for front and back contacts with haze on demand
  2. KAI 1200 for plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) to build the amorphous and microcrystalline photosensitive layers
  3. LSS 1200 for laser patterning to produce serially connected cells. Phoenix Solar covers all system sizes from one-kilowatt photovoltaic power systems for household rooftops to large-scale, multi-megawatt projects.

Customers and Strategic Partners

Some of the most important customers include Astronergy, SunWell Solar, Auria Solar Co. Ltd. (Taiwan), Tianwei and Chint Solar (Mainland China), Inventux, ersol thin Film GmbH, Schott Solar AG (Germany), Pramac Suisse (Switzerland), Gadir Solar (Spain), Heliosphera (Greece) and Havell LLC (Russia)

The company has also formed partnerships with companies such as Tokyo Electron (Sales and services) and Flextronics (equipment manufacturing). As of May 31, 2011 the company had two major private shareholders – Liwet Holdings (46..09%) and Victory Industry Participation (50.33%). 

Top Management

  1. CEO – Helmut Frankenberger
  2. CFO – Patric Schoch 

Recent News

  1. 22 Feb, 2011 – Oerlikon Solar announced that it had received an order from Dong Xu Ltd., one of China's photoelectric glass manufacturers. The order consists of multiple Oerlikon Solar KAI equipment which operates the key process of coating thin film silicon.
  2. 20 Dec, 2010 – Oerlikon Solar announced the first upgrade orders for the new production line for thin film silicon modules ThinFab.
  3. 19 Oct, 2010 : Oerlikon Solar, announced a customer order from Hunan Gongchuang Photovoltaic Science & Technology Co. Ltd. The Hengyang City based company ordered a 40 MW Micromorph® turnkey production line, known as the FAB 1200. 


Hauptstrasse 1a
9477 Trübbach
Telephone: +41 81 784 8000
Fax: +41 81 784 6544
Website: www.oerlikon.com