Qteros Inc.

Qteros Inc. is a biofuels company. It converts biomass to ethanol with the use of its patented technology.  Founded in 1996 Qteros was formerly known as Sun Ethanol Inc., it changed its name in 2008. Sun Ethanol Inc. was a start up from University of Massachusetts.

Qteros is a privately held company and is based out of Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Business Line, Products and Services offered

The company, through its patented Consolidated Bio-Processing (CBP) via Q Microbe® (Clostridium Phytofermentans) technology, aims at reducing capital and operating expenses required for the bio-fuel producers.

Processes employed at Qteros Inc. for bio-mass conversion to ethanol is Consolidated Bio-Processing via Q microbes. With the help of patented Q microbes, company is able to reduce the multistep processes into a single step. 

                                               Exhibit: Qetros' Consolidated CBP Process

Consolidated Bio-Processing

                          Source: Qteros website

The company has Praj Industries, an India based firm as its strategic partner.


  1. Venrock Associates
  2. Battery Ventures
  3. BP AE Ventures
  4. Soros Fund Management LLC
  5. Valero Energy Corporation
  6. Camros Capital, LLC
  7. Long River Ventures

Qteros Inc., raised USD 22 mn, in series C funding.

Top Management

  1. Chief Executive Officer and President – Mr. John A. McCarthy
  2. Founder and Chief Scientist – Dr. Susan B. Leschine
  3. Chief Operating Officer – Mr. Stephen Rogers
  4. Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President – Dr. Kevin A. Gray

Recent News

  1. In Jul 2011, Qteros and Umass Amherst Bolster patented portfolio for ethanol-producing microbe with issued and allowed patents in the United States and Japan.
  2. In May 2011, Qteros secured USD22 mn in initial tranche of Series C financing.
  3. In Apr 2011, Qteros and Praj Industries announced broad strategic partnership to accelerate global commercialization of cellulosic ethanol.


100 Campus Drive ,
6th Floor, Marlborough, Massachusetts.
Website : http://www.qteros.com