RavenBrick is a clean tech company that provides solar-control windows. The company claims that the solar-control windows reduce energy costs by up to 50% in most buildings and facilitates improvement over previous windows in functionality and cost. RavenBrick, LLC was formed in January 2007. The company’s mission is to provide the customers with clean, non-toxic nanotechnology construction and window materials. RavenBrick has its headquarters at Denver, Colorado (USA). The numbers of employees in this private company are 14 and still growing. 

Business Line, Product And Service Offerings

RavenBrick has patent intellectual property that manipulates the electron structure of semiconductor materials. RavenBrick’s windows automatically reduce the amount of light they transmit at certain temperatures with the use of nanotechnology.RavenBrick technology

  1. RavenWindow– the adaptive small window, for use in commercial and industrial buildings using thermo-reflective technology, is the signature product of RavenBrick. Besides reducing energy consumption and costs, this improves the temperate and light-glare comfort for people.
  2. RavenLight– these are the daylighting panels that transmits light but not images. It also regulates the flow of heat into the building.
  3. RavenSkin– focuses on the energy efficiency of a building by creating a thermal barrier between indoor and outdoor temperatures. RavenSkin insulates like a normal wall, limiting the conduction and convection of heat.

Strategic Partners

RavenBrick are partners with Lawrence Berkeley Labs, National Renewable Energy Laboratories, PPG and University of Colorado. 


The company has successfully achieved its funding goals with the investors’ list:

  1. Michael Barnstijn, Inventor, founder of Research in Motion (RIM), purchased by Blackberry
  2. Dr. Carl Forest, Partner, Patton Boggs, LLP
  3. Drew Crouch, Vice President & General Manager, Ball Aerospace
  4. Jim Griffey, Managing Partner, Chisos Capital, LLC
  5. Robert Fenwick-Smith, Principal, Aravaipa Venture Fund LLC
  6. John Keane, Founder King Hill Capital
  7. Byron Haselden, CEO, Haselden Construction LLC( )

Top Management

  1. Alex Burney- CEO & Co-founder
  2. Wil McCarthy- CTO & Co-founder
  3. Chris Ketchum- vice president, sales
  4. Zach Frisch- CFO


  1. On Jan 18, 2010, RavenBrick got approval for 54 of 54 patents claims by U.S Patent Office.
  2. RavenBrick was selected, on August 2009, to provide the intelligent window technology for new Research Support Facilities, which is being built for the U.S. Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
  3. RavenBrick got a contract from the GSA (biggest landlord in U.S) to install RavenWindow in their head office in the Denver Federal Center.


2201A Lawrence Street
Denver, Colorado, 80205
303-984-7490 (phone)
303-296-4188 (fax)
WEBSITE: www.ravenbrick.com