RockeTalk Inc.

RockeTalk was founded in 2005 by Rajiv Kumar with a vision of enabling mobile phone users to express themselves and communicate with their friends, family and new acquaintances, as well as capture, share, and discover content posted by others.

RockeTalk has developed and launched a social media platform and mobile phone client applications that provide a variety of multimedia services. Users can create any combination of text, voice, photo and video messages, share with any contacts, join communities and chat with individuals and groups, and access a variety of entertainment and content. RockeTalk makes communication between individuals and groups easy and rich, and facilitates a new form of self-expression that informs, entertains and connects people through the media they create.

RockeTalk is a venture-backed company, headquartered in San Diego, California, USA with offices in New Delhi, India. RockeTalk, a mobile social network provider, expects to engage 40 million users by 2013. The company has ambitious plans for Gen-Y in order to keep them interactive. 

The company partners with large wireless operators to facilitate its user base with mobile data services. It also partnered with a number of OEMs, like LG, Samsung, Lava, Karbonn that pre-embed RockeTalk on their data-enabled handset models.

Product, Services and Offerings:
RockeTalk is a downloadable application that lets you send any combination of text, voice, pictures, audio or video, as a message to anyone (or group), anywhere in the world, from any mobile phone or computer to any other mobile phone or computer.

  1. Meet New People: It helps to meet exciting new people right on your mobile phone.
  2. Instant voice & picture chat: It helps to share your world with your new and existing friends using voice & picture chat.
  3. Free galleries & mobile downloads: free galleries and amazing content posted by other users, or post your own creations.
  4. Communities: It helps to join communities buzzing with voices, pictures and more or to start your own community.
  5. Instant messengers: It helps to connect to instant messengers like Yahoo, MSN & Google Talk


  1. Mission Ventures
  2. EDF Ventures
  3. iSherpa

Top Management:

  1. Founder and CEO – Rajiv Kumar
  2. CFO – Julia Querin
  3. Vice President of Strategy – Vik Natarajan
  4. Co-Founder and Head of Engineering Operations, India – Bhartesh Chhibbar

Recent News:

  1. On February 22, 2011, RockeTalk launched Samsung Bada App which shall be proprietary to the Bada platform of Samsung.
  2. On February 2, 2011, RockeTalk became the most widely used mobile app in India overtaking both Orkut (a giant in India) and Facebook, according to a report by mobile analytics firm Informate.

USA Office location:
Rocketalk, Inc.
6155 Cornerstone Court, Suite 260
San Diego, CA 92121

INDIA Office location:
RockeTalk India Pvt. Ltd.
701-707, Mahatta Tower,
54, B- Block, Community Center,
New Delhi 110058 INDIA