R.Twining and Company Limited

R Twining is a marketer of tea based in Andover, Hampshire, England. Holder of a Royal Warrant, Twinings is subsidiary of Associated British Foods since 1964. Twinings sells more than 100 varieties of regional and flavored teas such as Lapsang Souchong, Lady Grey and Darjeeling, as well as infusions, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Twinings produces teas in a number of different lines, including organic, everyday, specialty, "Fresh and Fruity," "Moment of Calm" and "Revive and Revitalize." The company's website includes recommendations on how to serve teas and clearly marks which teas do and do not contain caffeine. It markets tea based on regional preferences.

The company provides details about the production of its teas, including planting and harvesting different species of tea and many interesting facts on making tea. For instance, simple things like the time of day the leaves were picked can affect the taste of leaves grown in the same tea garden. The firm also sells tea through its online portal.

Top Management

  1. Chairman – Charles Sinclair
  2. Chief Executive & Director – George Weston
  3. Chief Financial Officer – John Bason

Recent News

  1. June 2011: Company releases a plan to to open chain of retail shops across the UK 
  2. In April 2008 Twinings announced its decision to close the Nambarrie plant. Twinings said it needed to consolidate its UK manufacturing operations in the face of increasing global competition, and is moving production to China and Poland in late 2011.


South Way,
Andover SP10 5AQ
Phone: +44 0845 601 9612
Website: http://www.twinings.com