Serious Energy Inc.

Serious Energy develop products and services that reduce energy usage and costs in construction, thus helping in Green and sustainable construction. It was founded as Serious Materials in the year 2005 with the focus on the fact that buildings are big contributor to carbon dioxide. They also believed that with the use of technology and analytics, buildings can be made more efficient / comfortable with less expenditures thus increasing "the value" of the buildings. In June 2011, Serious Materials changed its name to Serious Energy.

Serious Energy has its headquarters at Sunnyvale, California. It has offices in Newark (California), Boulder (Colorado), Vandergrift (Pennsylvania), Chicago and Bangalore (India). The revenue for the year 2009 was near USD 81.5 million which was 50% up over 2008. There are approximately 135 employees at the headquarters. The company employs around 400 people at the six manufacturing facilities as on 2011.

Business Line, Product & Service Offerings
Serious Energy provides energy efficient products for sustainable / green buildings.

  1. Retrofit Glass System – the company claims that the iWindow panel can be installed in 20 minutes or less, 50% to 75% less costly to install as compared to typical replacement systems and 99.5% of the UV rays can be blocked. Various categories of windows are commercial windows, residential windows and architectural glass, which are specified as per the building requirements.
  2. QuietRock Soundproofing – Serious Energy has developed technology for superior noise reduction. The company assures less material and labor cost and more floor space.
  3. Serious Energy Manager (SEM) is a web-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Serious Energy products and services are used in over 60 buildings till now.

Climate Earth is working with Serious Energy as a client for its mission of “Green construction materials that save energy and improve comfort”.

Strategic Partners
Serious Energy has partnered with Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Sustainable Silicon Valley and to Alliance to Save Energy.  THX, cinema and professional studio design expertise, partnered with Serious Energy to develop an acoustic materials portfolio for professional building community.

Serious Energy has attracted funds from various private equity firms including:

  1. New Enterprise Associates
  2. Foundation Capital
  3. Mesirow Financial
  4. Rustic Canyon
  5. EnerTech Capital
  6. Navitas capital
  7. Cheyenne Partners
  8. Saints Capital
  9. VantagePoint Partners
  10. Staenberg Ventures

Top Management

  1. Kevin Surace- Chairman & CEO
  2. Patrick Murray- CFO
  3. Brandon Tinianov- CTO
  4. Albert Yanez- VP & GM, Operations
  5. Frank Bishop- VP & GM, Panels Division

Recent News

  1. Serious Energy had been listed in the world’s 50 most innovative companies. It has been named as MIT Technology Review TR50 in both 2009 and 2010.
  2. Serious Energy was one of 300 companies chosen by the prestigious selection panel of fundedIDEAS in 2011. Serious Energy was positioned to become a market leader in its industry.
  3. On June, 2008, Serious Energy acquired Alpen Windows which was named Top 10 Green Building product in 2007 by Building Green.
  4. Serious Energy was selected for The World Economic Forum’s 2010 Technology Pioneers Program for representing innovation.

Elko Drive, Sunnyvale (CA 94089)
Contact: 800-797-8159