Triple Leaf Tea Inc.

Triple Leaf Tea Inc. is a blender and marketer of beverages, medicinal and diet teas based in South San Francisco, California. The company presents its specialty as using ancient Chinese herbal formula for tea development. The company is privately owned by a Chinese-American family.


Business Line, Products and Service Offerings:
Triple Leaf Tea Inc. produces teas from 4 categories of traditional Chinese formulas –

  1. Green & White Teas – positioned as tea with large amount of antioxidants
  2. Decaf Green Teas – for buyers looking for tea without caffeine
  3. Diet Teas – targeted towards buyers looking for sliming and weight control
  4. Medicinal & Beverage Teas. – tea with medicinal benefits such as help in respiratory system, stress related issues, blood pressure, etc.

Triple Leaf Teas are currently distributed by a number of wholesalers and sold in many retail health food stores throughout the United States.

The company semms to be actively using its website to provide infomration on production of its teas, including planting and harvesting different species of tea and many interesting facts on making tea. For instance, simple things like the time of day the leaves were picked can affect the taste of leaves grown in the same tea garden. It also includes recommendations on how to serve teas and clearly marks which teas do and do not contain caffeine. 

Top Management

  1. President – Johnson Lam
  2. Vice President, Marketing – Mary Anne Schlosser

Triple Leaf Tea, Inc.
434 N. Canal Street, Unit 5
South San Francisco, CA 94080