VKernel Inc.

Founded in 2007 by Alex Bakman, Vkernel Corporation established itself as a provider of performance and capacity management products for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualized infrastructures by its virtualized data centers and cloud environments. It is headquaterd in Andover, Massachusetts USA. The Company’s product helps in planning, monitoring and predicting capacity utilization and bottlenecks.

In May 2009, VKernel received USD 7 mn in Series B funding led by Longworth Venture Partners and joined by prior investors Hummer Winblad Venture Partners and Polaris Venture Partners.

Business Line, Products and Service Offerings:

  1. Products: VKernel vOperations Suite is an enterprise-class performance and capacity management solution that uses predictive and real-time analysis to simplify monitoring, capacity planning, reporting, chargeback and optimization of virtual environments.

    • vOPS™ Performance Analyzer: It provides real-time analysis of system metrics and alerts to determine abnormal trends and root cause, impact, and resolution of performance issues.
    •  vOPS™ Capacity Manager: It performs predictive analysis of system metrics to identify future performance bottlenecks and model available VM capacity across server and storage resources.
    • vOPS™ Optimizer: It optimizes resource utilization and VM performance and analyzes actual utilization and VM performance metrics to rightsize VM allocations and reclaim unused resources.
    • vOPS™ Reporting & Chargeback: It is an integrated chargeback and configuration reporting for virtual environments, Profile VM usage and configuration for cost visibility and virtual environment reporting. 
  2. Solutions: Virtualization managers and administrators use VKernel products to solve issues related to Hyper-V and VMware performance and capacity management. It provides its solutions in performance monitoring, capacity planning, optimization/right-sizing, reporting, chargeback, etc.

In 2010, VKernel won the “Best of VMworld 2010” Gold Award for Virtualization Management and has since improved with the release of vOperations Suite in March of 2011. The new software suite added the vOPS Performance Analyzer product to the mix to provide real-time performance monitoring capability to the sysAdmin’s toolset.

Technology Partners:
VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat / OVA and HP

VKernel has over 700 customers throughout the world in all major industries. A typical customer may come to VKernel with as few as 50 virtual machines or as many as 10,000. It provides its service to the following sectors:

  1. Banking and Financial Services – eg. American International Group, University of Maryland, etc.
  2. Consumer Goods– eg. Lego System AS, Canon USA Inc, etc
  3. Education – eg. George Washington University, Loyola University, etc.
  4. Government – eg. City of Santa Ana, Rejis Commission, etc.
  5. Healthcare – eg. Cook Childrens Medical Center, GasthuisZusters Antwerpen, etc.
  6. Insurance – eg. AEGIS Insurance Services Inc, Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, etc.
  7. Legal & Real Estate – eg. Green Tree Servicing , Strettons, etc.
  8. Manufacturing – eg. Brick Warehouse LP, Cannon Design, etc.
  9. Media – eg. Insomniac Games Inc, Lulu Press Inc, etc.
  10. Natural Resources – eg. Australian Pipeline Authority, Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd etc.
  11. Non Profit – eg. Boy Scouts of America, Human Rights Watch, etc.
  12. Retail – eg. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
  13. Technology – eg. Akamai Technologies Inc, Cisco Systems, etc.
  14. Transportation & Defense – eg. Bombardier Aerospace, Delta Resources, Inc, etc.

Top Management:

  1. Chief Executive Officer – Doug McNary
  2. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer – Dan Kelly
  3. Chief Marketing Officer – Bryan Semple

Vkernel Corporation
300 Brickstone Square, Suite 503
Andover MA 01810
Website: www.vkernel.com