Wacker Chemie AG operates in the chemical business. The company is global supplier to the chemical, semiconductor and solar industries. Wacker-chemie GmbH was founded by Dr. Alexander Wacker in October 13, 1914 and is headquartered at Munich, Germany.

The company converted itself into a stock company and renamed as Wacker Chemie AG in 2005. Total sales for the year 2010 were USD 7,768.7 million. The company employees over 16,300 people providing services in five continents. The company claims that the newly constructed company’s integrated production site at Tennessee has an annual capacity of 15,000 metric tons.

The company is operating worldwide with more than 25 production sites located in Europe, America and Asia. The Solar industry accounts for more than 22% of the total sales in the year 2010 whereas Wacker Polysilicon account for 28% of the sales.

Business Line, Product And Service Offerings 

  1. Wacker Silicones: it accounts for 32% of the total sales. The Wacker Silicones are used for mobility/ fuel efficiency, construction, convenience/fashion, health & health and safety. The production is certified as per ISO 9001 and 14001. There are 12 silicones production sites and technical center worldwide.
  2. Wacker Polymers: it accounts for 16% of the total sales. Brazil, China, SEA, India, South & Central Europe are emerging as the new markets for this sector while Western Europe and North America are the established markets.
  3. Wacker Biosolutions: Wacker Biotech is a custom manufacturing organization dealing with production of biologics (biopharmaceuticals). It accounts for 3% of the total annual sales of the company. The products under this category are used for household, personal care, pharma and food purposes.
  4. Siltronic: this categaory basically deals with production of ingots and wafers for the semiconductor and solar industries. It contributes 21% to the total sales. The products are used for automotive, military, communications and computer.
  5. Wacker Polysilicon: this category deals with production of polysilicon and is used for semiconductor and solar industries. 75% of the products are served to the solar industries. This sector contributes 28% to the annual sales of the company.

Semicosil 912 UV A/B and Semicosil 914 UV A/B are the two products that are used for Solar cell modules, solar modules and solar thermal energy.

The company provides product and services worldwide. Germany alone accountes for about 19% of the total sales while Europe (except Germany) have customers leads to 25% of the total annual sales. Asia is the largest market for Wacker as it contributes to 36% of the sales.

Strategic Partners 

The company is working in joint venture with Dow Corning to produce raw materials for silicone production in China as of 2006. The company acquired Air Products’ shareholding in joint venture for polymers construction.


The Wacker family (Dr. Alexander Wacker) holds more than 50% of the shares. Blue Elephant Holding GmbH (Germany) holds over 10% shares of the company. Though the number of shareholders are declining in America. 

Top Management

  1. Dr. Peter-Alexander Wacker- Chairman
  2. Dr. Rudolf Staudigl- President & CEO
  3. Dr. Joachim Rauhut- Corporate accounting, Finance and IT.
  4. Dr. Wilhelm Sittenthaler- Human Resources (Personnel Director)
  5. Auguste Willems- Corporate Engineering, HSE and Sales & Distribution 


  1. The company acquired the ProThera GmbH (ProThera then changed its name to Wacker Biotech GmbH) and Wuxi Xinda Fine Chemical Co. Ltd. in the year 2005.
  2. The company received Best Innovator award in the Chemicals category as of June 2011.
  3. The share price as on 29 July 2011 was USD 217.1.


Hanna-Saidel-Platz 4
81737 Munich
Phone: +49 89 6279-0
Fax: +49 89 6279-1770
Website: www.wacker.com