ZeaChem Inc.

ZeaChem Inc. is a biofuels company. It produces advanced ethanol and cellulose based intermediate chemicals, using its cellulose based biorefinery platform. The company claims that its patented processes offers the lowest priced, best yield cellulosic ethanol, with the least carbon footprint.

ZeaChem was incorporated in 2002 and is headquartered at Lakewood, Colorado. The privately held company has a R&D laboratory in Menlo Park, California. It is currently looking forward to the under construction bio refinery of theirs in Boardman, Oregon , with capacity to produce 250,000 gallons of bio-fuel per year. 

Business Line, Products and Services:

Company converts bio-mass to cellulosic ethanol (biofuel) and intermediate chemicals, using their patented process. Its raw materail includes biomass feedstocks that contain high levels of cellulose. Some of its intermediate chemicals include, acetic acid, lactic acid, butanol, hexanol, etc. 

                                                          Exhibts: Products offered by Zeachem

                                                   Source: ZeaChem website 

Company uses hybrid combination of biochemical and thermo-chemical processing steps in the conversion process.

                                                              Exhibit: ZeaChem’ Core Technology

                                             Sources: ZeaChem website

Company’s objective is to build, own and operate facilities in strategic markets, it maintains the option of awarding direct licenses to qualified parties where and it also looks forward to International plant building, which would also give an opportunity to license the technology.

Strategic Priorities

  1. To remain the lowest cost producer,
  2. To have strategic off-take agreements within established distribution channels that have access to the markets,
  3. To bring in key strategic partners to provide both industry knowledge and set up potential monetization opportunities.


  1. Firelake Capital
  2. Globespan Capital Partners
  3. Mohr, Davidow Ventures
  4. PrairieGold Venture Partners
  5. Spring Ventures
  6. Valero Energy Corporation

Top Management

  1. Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Jim Imbler
  2. Founder – Mr. Dan Verser
  3. Founder and Chief Technology Officer – Mr. Tim Eggeman

Recent news

  1. In Aug 2011, Chrysler Group LLC and ZeaChem Inc. announced Memorandum of Understanding to speed production and use of Advanced Cellulosic Ethanol.
  2. In July 2011, ZeaChem selected for Biomass Crop Assistance Program Award.
  3. In Jun 2011, ZeaChem selected as a Colorado Companies to Watch.


165 South Union Boulevard,
Union Tower, Suite 380,
Lakewood, CO 80228,
United States.
Website: http://www.zeachem.com