Commercial Truck Insurance and Benefits

While sea trade dominates international trade, road transport is the main mode of transportation within a country and even within countries which are connected (for example European countries). Commercial trucks are the most popular vehicles used for road transportation delivering raw materials, finished goods and even waste.

Trucking business is not new and there are large enterprises in this business operation huge fleets. As the business has boomed so has the concern regarding damage of these trucks.  Commercial trucks are bigger in size but they are also vulnerable to damages and accidents. There are various cases on highways and roads where truck collisions and accidents are reported every single year. Therefore, this is mandatory for commercial truck companies as well as singlehanded contractors to purchase truck insurance for their truck. 

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What is Shipping Insurance and Benefits

Most of world trade is sea trade done through ships of different kinds. All types of goods and materials are transported through ships – it can be coal, oil, iron ore, machinery, electronics, chemicals, textiles, cars, etc. 

Shipping insurance is one of the oldest types of insurances and it provides protection against the damage or loss of ships, terminals, cargo and other goods of transportation by ship. Shipping insurance cover is either provided for the buyer/shipper of shipments or the ship owner.

There is a specific split between the shipment and ship where coverage for shipments is called as cargo insurance and coverage for ship is called as hull insurance policy.  Before shipping the insured shipments, insurance holders must pack all the belongings properly so that they can withstand the severity involved in shipping methodology. Insurance companies always look for proper documentation as well as enlistment of all the shipment contents. This is also recommended to take the pictures of the package for ensuring its maintained condition.

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What is One Day Insurance and Benefits

There are situations where a constant insurance cover for a long term is of little value and seem financially unviable for example, if you do not own a car do you need to take a car insurance ? or if you are organizing a one day event, should you take an insurance? The answer in both case can be yes. You may need a car insurance even if you do not own a car but say when you borrow your friends car for vacation or relocation. Similarly even insurance can be safeguard interest in case of unforeseen dangers.

For this reason only there is one day insurance policies. One day insurance policies are applicable across many insurance types such as auto insurance, event insurance, etc.

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What is TV Insurance and Benefits?

Television is perhaps the most popular personal electronic item. From morning to evening, we need television for passing our time. The "idiot box" has come a long way from black and white era to high and sophisticated 3D and LED TV sets. There are different types of televisions like widescreen, digital, plasma, LCD, LED and 3D. With the increase is sophistication, the price and the risk associated with the TV sets (in case of damage, theft, accident) has also increased. TV insurance is one of those methods to protect televisions from damages, theft and many other possible issues. 

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What is Cruise Insurance and Benefits

Successful cruise plans take a lot of savings and time for reserving a cabin in the cruise. After getting it, nobody can manage to lose that money due to a sudden change of plans or emergency. All these financial losses and problems can be put off with the help of cruise insurance.

This insurance falls in the special category of travel insurance and it can be provided by both independent insurers as well as cruise lines. These insurance policies cover urgent medical expenses, trip cancellation, stolen or lost luggage, urgent medical evacuation and trip delays. On the basis of comparison, private insurance companies offer better and safer protection than cruise lines but they are expensive than the policies of cruise lines.

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What is Business Car Insurance and Benefits?

There is a sudden increase in use of cars owned by business to enable their employees to conduct business effectively, such cars which are owned by a company and used for business purposes are business cars. In many cases employees use their own vehicles for business purposes too. It also includes cars which are rented and leased for business purposes. As business vehicles are not covered by an individual auto policy or business owner's insurance policy one has to take business car insurance to cover it. So basically there are two category of cars which fall under business car insurance:

  • Owned by employees but used for business purpose: In this case, the frequency of using business car decides the type of insurance required to be taken. Occasional car users need not take this insurance unless it forms the part of their income. For frequent car users who drive for both private as well as business purposes should take normal and business car insurance.
  • Companies providing cars to employees for business : As far a company which provides business cars to its employees it is a good decision to take a business car insurance irrespective of any other factor.

As most of the firms anyways take insurance for their cars, the focus of the article is on individual cars owners who use their cars for business purposes.

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What is Mobile Insurance and Benefits

Mobiles have become integral and inseparable part of our lives today. New and advanced models of mobile phones and their accessories are launched almost every day. Some of these are really expensive gadgets. One such category of expensive and widely used phone are smart phones such as iPhone. Nowadays, smart phones are used like computers, day planners, address books and photo albums. Mobile users understand the importance of mobile phones and they need to keep it away from the unidentifiable hazards.

Thus a lost or damaged mobile phone is the last thing a mobile phone user would want. If it is your personal mobile you would like to make sure that if it is lost or broken due to an accident your financial investment in the mobile should be recoverable. This is where mobile insurance comes in play. Mobile insurance benefits include coverage for mobile phone along with its other accessories like Bluetooth earpiece, protective cover and gadgets such as plug-ins and credit card scanners.        

Many organizations provide their work force with smart phones to increase their productivity and connectivity. Such organizations also need mobile phone insurance to protect their business investment if mobiles are lost, stolen or broken.

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What is Golf Insurance and Benefits

Golf is a popular outdoor game, especially among the rich and famous. All the golfers acclaim this game as they feel relaxed after playing it. While golf is relatively less risky game as compared to say rugby but there are still possibilities of injuries which can occur on a golf course. further, golfers also need to take care of their supplementary golf equipment. These equipments are very costly and there are increasing cases golf equipment thefts every year.  

Many golfers, especially who are just starting with the game are unaware of the benefits of golf insurance. But every golfer needs to know that a third party property damage or injury can really put them off the edge where they can get sued for a huge amount of money. There are some cases when golfers are not at fault but still others accuse them for the mishap. This is where a good golf insurance plan can really come handy.

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Benefits of Wedding Insurance

Wedding is a special occasion in life and people plan well in advance regarding every specific detail in advance. All the aspects from the booking of reception hall to the honeymoon plans are made. Everyone tries his / her best and cover everything but human beings are prone to unintentional error which can spoil all other arrangements.

Wedding insurance looks after the investment of the couples which are not in their control and repays all the incurred expenses. For instance, if groom loses expensive tuxedos at airport and needs to get a new one or if reception hall goes out of the business one month before the marriage and people need to book other place, wedding insurance comes forth with a financial solution. All these big financial losses can be covered and wedding occasion can run smoothly in time. 

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What is Cargo Insurance and Benefits?

Cargo insurance is a type of insurance which covers physical damage to, or loss of your goods while they are being transported by land, sea and air. This is a very important aspect of companies involved in trading of good (export / import) and even logistics companies involved transportation within the country.

It is rare that individuals need this insurance. More than individuals, import and export companies are in need for this insurance because they transport goods in great volumes and sometimes of greater value.
Maritime trade is dominant form of internships.

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