Commercial Truck Insurance and Benefits

While sea trade dominates international trade, road transport is the main mode of transportation within a country and even within countries which are connected (for example European countries). Commercial trucks are the most popular vehicles used for road transportation delivering raw materials, finished goods and even waste.

Trucking business is not new and there are large enterprises in this business operation huge fleets. As the business has boomed so has the concern regarding damage of these trucks.  Commercial trucks are bigger in size but they are also vulnerable to damages and accidents. There are various cases on highways and roads where truck collisions and accidents are reported every single year. Therefore, this is mandatory for commercial truck companies as well as singlehanded contractors to purchase truck insurance for their truck. 

Types of Commercial Trucks

There are various vehicles which can be categorized as commercial trucks. Though this can vary from country to country, but below mentioned list provides a good idea of what is generally included in commercial trucks. Truck owners can insure these under commercial truck insurance. Commercial trucks category consists of:-

  • Front loaders
  • Auto hauler trailers
  • Box trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Semi trucks
  • Pickup trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Tank trucks
  • Flatbed trailers

Types of Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial truck insurance provides sensible security to truck drivers as well as companies by offering guaranteed coverage against any loss or damage. Trucks are not cheap vehicles and some specialized trucks are very expensive. Thus it is obvious that damages caused due to even small accidents can cause serious financial dent to the owner. A profound research is required before taking the correct insurance policy and here is a list of commercial truck insurance types for helping drivers plus trucking companies in carrying out the research:-

Primary Liability Coverage : All the damages and physical injuries occurring in a particular accident are covered under primary liability coverage. Primary liability coverage represents fundamental coverage in the wide section of commercial truck insurance and it is lawfully obligatory for all the truck drivers to have this coverage. Additionally, if insurance holder’s truck causes damage to other vehicles or people, then primary liability insurance provides coverage for costs associated with these damages too. 

General Liability Coverage : General liability coverage is taken by the commercial trucking companies for protecting their employees and trucks by providing third party coverage. This insurance coverage is broader variation of primary liability insurance and more than person, it is company oriented policy. 

Physical Damage Coverage : Physical damage coverage comes into existence when truck owner’s truck damages one’s own property. Moreover, it provides coverage against theft, fires and vandalism. All the damages to the truck such as dents, scratches and collisions marks are covered under this policy.

Independent Concerns Coverage : Independent Concerns coverage is for independent truck drivers, not for commercial truck companies.

Cargo Insurance : Cargo insurance is coverage for independent haulers if damage has been done to the cargo not owned by them. This is a complicated but very important part of commercial truck insurance.

Bobtail Liability Insurance : If independent drivers are not covered under the primary liability insurance taken by the trucking company, then they can be covered by Bobtail liability insurance. It can save marginal amount for the truck drivers as they need not purchase the whole policy.

Benefits of Commercial Truck Insurance

This takes care of various aspects and they are as follows:-

  • Coverage against accidental damage including and excluding collision to truck
  • Coverage for uninsured and/or underinsured but injured/dead third party    
  • Coverage to the third party if there is bodily harm caused by truck driver
  • Coverage to the third party if there is property damage caused by truck driver
  • Coverage for medical expenditure and cremation proceedings if drivers come across accidents
  • Additional benefits for hospitalization, loss of wages, rehabilitation, loss of services, death and survival
  • Supplementary coverage for rental cars, lodging, food and other subsidiary costs
  • Coverage for hired truck liability and hired truck physical damage
  • Coverage for employer’s non-ownership liability 

Top 5 Commercial Truck Insurance Providers

Some the major players in the commercial truck insurance space are:

Western Truck Insurance Services Inc
Established in 1954, Western Truck Insurance Services Inc has emerged as highly acclaimed commercial truck insurance brokerage. They provide following types of covers for their customers:-

  • Motor truck cargo insurance
  • Worker’s and Bonds compensation insurance
  • Commercial truck roadside assistance
  • Dump truck insurance
  • Truck liability insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Transportation operations insurance

Progressive Commercial Auto Insurance 

Progressive Commercial Auto Insurance is running successfully through the insurance sector for last 70 years. They started providing commercial truck insurance in 1971 and they are known for providing quick insurance quotes, low rates, flexible payment plans, good claim service, round the clock customer service and broad acceptance. They are third largest commercial auto insurance company in USA with A+ rating from A. M. Best.

Everett Callahan Insurance Agency Inc

Located in Santa Ana, California;  ECIA Inc is dedicatedly providing commercial trucking insurance to its customers. Commercial truck insurance is obligatory in California with specific requirement of coverage proof with the truck drivers. ECIA provides commercial truck liability insurance which provides coverage to the damaged truck as well as cargo inside the truck.

Harris County Insurance 

Harris county Insurance provides coverage against all the risk factors associated with the commercial trucks. They have fully operational website for accommodating their busy schedule. They have three agencies in their build up center Texas as Baytown, Pasadena and Houston Agency. They provide insurance for owned as well as leased trucks. Apart from providing insurance against damage and collision, Harris County Insurance offers coverage against third party property plus personal damage. 

Cover Me Insurance Agency Inc (CMIA Inc)
Located in Linden, New Jersey; CMIA Inc is specialist in providing cargo and transportation coverage for individual owner operator as well as whole fleet. Their insurance services include:-

  • Bobtail liability
  • Auto liability
  • General liability
  • Motor truck cargo
  • Trailer interchange
  • Physical damage
  • Workers compensation