How to Select Best Cat Insurance ?

Cats are one of the cutest, curious and agile pets. They keep on jumping here are there around the house with full energy and enthusiasm. This unique nimbleness can also lead them to trouble with injuries such as, broken shoulders, legs or hips. Apart from these sudden injuries there are several serious health disorders in heart, hormones and digestion which can grow severe with time. This is of course apart from the regular illnesses or other chronic diseases needing treatment in time.  For a pet owner there are other unfortunate events which can happen to their beloved cat like death, loss, stealing, cat owner’s urgent vacation cancellation, burial and hospital boarding.

ll these aspects point towards the requirements of vet care and its associated costing which can be sorted out with the help of cat insurance.

Why to Take Cat Insurance?

Nothing can be as disappointing as watching the beloved pet cat suffer due to illness or accident. Cat owners can pay the vet fees but sometimes, it can become difficult to arranges for finances, especially when they are significant. Therefore, cat insurance is beneficial at this time which can help cat owners to carry out the vet payments irrespective of their present financial condition.

Cats can come across various chronic diseases like bladder disease, kidney problems, diabetes, cancer and heart murmurs. Cat bones are vulnerable to painful injuries and fractures. There is increase in the probability of occurrence and/or severity of these diseases with age and it requires thousands of dollars for cure. Most of the companies offer 80-90% vet fees reimbursement against cure parameters like diagnostics, veterinary visits, hospitalization, surgery, chemotherapy and cancer treatments. There is coverage for ongoing chronic, genetic and breed-oriented diseases.

Cost and Time to Purchase Cat Insurance

Generally, cat insurance can run on a monthly rate from $15-20. This amount is subject to changes on the basis of cat breed, age and other aspects of coverage required by the cat owners.

how to select best cat insurance

Contrary to general login, best time to purchase a cat insurance when the cats are healthy and young. In later cases, pre existing conditions might not be covered.

How to Compare Various Cat Insurance Plans

This is very important to compare various cat insurance plans before finalizing any of the insurance policies. A comparison should be conducted based on important parameters such as, company's reputation, disease coverage, cost, etc. There is a need of step-by-step research for finding the best insurance plan for your pet cat. These research points include:-

Comparison of Cat Insurance Companies – at this stage, cat owners should go through various insurance companies and their rates on the basis of competence. Cat owners’ utmost requirement is scrutinize the stable and reputable cat health insurance company. They can either go through the online reviews about the insurance companies or contact their previous and existing customers.

Comparison of cat insurance coverage – insurance coverage is another aspect to consider for perfect assessment of a cat insurance plan. There are some user-friendly aspects of coverage against usual illness, long-term disease, vaccinations, accidents and pre-existing conditions. Cat owners can go through the policy’s fine print for finding out the limitations and restrictions in the cat insurance.

Examination of Cat Insurance Flexibility – the flexibility of cat insurance is directly dependent upon the level of freedom provided in the insurance plan. Cat owners always want to have a pet insurance policy where they can have the freedom to select their own vet and veterinary.

Analysis of Cat Insurance Costs – cat owners should study the structure of costing including deductibles and premium rates. Moreover, they should study the monthly and annual fees along with the percentage of reimbursement provided by the insurance company. They should go through various companies and assess their costing to make a choice over the insurance company.

Types of Cats and Their Insurances

The cat insurance would also depend upon the breed of pet cat. There are various breeds of cats but pet cats can be segmented in two basic categories namely outdoor and indoor cats.

Indoor Cats

Indoor cats are secure from the harsh external environment but are still prone to illness and injuries. Unfortunately, the dangers to these cats are not as obvious. These dangers are:-

  • Digestive problems or skin conditioning due to the employment of central heating system or usage of cleaning equipments around the house
  • Getting caught in the cables or cords
  • Getting caught under the floorboards 

There is very less probability for the occurrence of these incidents but still, they do!

Outdoor Cats

Outdoor cats are free to roam outside the house. There are various advantages of the liberty in the form of copiousness of exercise and natural experiences. At the same time, there are various dangers associated with this liberty. These dangers include:-

  • Getting lost
  • Dog scrapes
  • Getting trapped at high places
  • Car accidents

Therefore, if cat owners are willing to leave their cats free in the outside world; they should definitely go for cat insurance.

Insurances for older Cats and Pedigrees

Older Catscat insurance

Older cats are more prone to injuries as well as illnesses and cat owners are expected to payout higher premium amount due to greater level of risk involved. Most of the insurance companies do not provide insurance for cats over nine years of age. At this time, cat owners should renew the already existing insurance policy with higher premium rate. Cat owners are advised to take lifetime insurance policy in cats’ early ages for protecting them throughout their lives. 


There are few mixed breed cats and they are quite costly to buy and insure.  These cats are susceptible to stealing due to their higher value. Moreover, certain cat pedigrees are more prone to diseases. There cats can come across diseases like diabetes mellitus, infectious peritonitis and dermatophytosis.

Best Cat Insurance Companies

There are various cat insurance companies which can be scrutinized on the basis of their plans, coverage and monthly rates. These companies are:-

  • Hartville Pet Insurance
  • Petplan USA
  • VPI Pet Insurance
  • 24PetWatch
  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
  • Pets Best Pet Insurance
  • ASPCA Pet Insurance
  • Trupanion
  • Embrace Pet Insurance
  • Petfirst Healthcare

Pet insurance is a competitive industry and with good research and timing cat owners can really take get a good deal for their loved cats!