Is Cat Insurance Policy worth it?

Most of the veterinarians believe that cat owners underestimate their cat's treatment cost. When a pet owner has both cat and dog even in that case dogs are given preference in availing pet insurance. But every pet owner should know that vet costs for the cat treatments are equal to the medical expenditure on dog treatments and in some cases even more!

There are various procedures employed by vets to treat cat related disease, some of them are expensive in nature too. This is where a cat insurance plan can help in covering the financial aspects related to the treatment of cats. Moreover, it provides coverage against complimentary treatments like homeopathy plus acupuncture, cat loss due to straying or theft, advertisement and rewards related to the cat loss, vacation cancellation and hospitalization.

Why to Insure Your Cat?

Today, world has become friendly and caring towards the pets and pet owners want to provide complete care to their pets. At the same time, medical world has reached to the next level which has also increased the cost of medicine and medical care for related to pets. There are two basic reasons for buying cat insurance –  1) coverage against the vet expenses 2) damage done to the other person by cat. Cat insurance plans cover medical expenses related to the basic medical procedures, surgical methods and accident treatments. They do not cover optional or periodic inspection expenses.

Authentic cat insurance companies provide services such as:-

  • Catalogue of camps and hotels providing complimentary admittance to cats
  • Round the clock vet emergency advice
  • Information on the legislation of obligatory foreign vaccination
  • Information on vet special shops, medical centers and breeding
  • Pragmatic management of cat and cat owner’s travels
  • Details on endemic disease reporting in specific physical locations of cats

Advantages of Cat Insurance

Covers expensive diagnosis costs

Cat insurance can be lifesaving for cats and huge relief to cat owners’ wallet. It can reduce the financial burden of the costly vet treatments. Most of the cat diseases exhibit identical symptoms and thus several tests are required to properly diagnose the disease. Some costly tests for diagnosis can be urinalysis and blood tests. Cat insurance provides coverage against all the diagnostic procedures.

cat insurance

Covers Treatment costs

Treatment represents an obligatory phase after diagnosis. The type and cost of treatment is dependent upon the identified disease. If the cat needs to be admitted; then hospital boarding is required to stabilize the health status of cat. Thereafter, treatment can be commenced at home depending upon the vet instructions. All these procedures add up the final costs of the treatment and cat insurance covers all these aspects providing financial relief to the insurance policy holders.

Pays for accident related costs

Besides illness coverage, cat insurance covers accidents also. Cat owners need not worry about the emergency room trips of their cats. There is specific coverage for special treatments at specialist’s clinic also. Cat owners can readily rely upon the services of pet insurance company without keeping any issues to the management of finances.

Facts to Know before opting for cat insurance

Sometimes, cat owners consider their pet cats as healthy and they assume that premium rates are higher than the general amount spent upon routine care and check-ups. This is advised to understand the basic aspects of cat insurance so that cat owners do not have any implications in their minds. Following are certain points which are significant for assessing cat insurance:-

  • Pre-Existing Conditions  : Cat insurance covers various cat-related aspects but most of the companies do not provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. These conditions include past injuries, dental problems, chronic conditions, neutering and flea control.   
  • Age : Age is another important aspect where older pet cats can have higher premium rates. Some companies have age limitations in their policies which either provide only half coverage to the older cats or exclude them from the cat insurance.    
  • Network Limitations : Cats can have best treatment with proper medication at vet’s office. Some insurance companies restrict the cat insurance network to a defined range of vets. Therefore, cat owners should look for the insurers providing complete coverage with liberty of selection.
  • Limited Reimbursement Percentage : Most of the cat insurance companies reimburse only 50%-75% of the total medical expenses. Cat owners are recommended to go for the insurance companies providing maximum benefit amount on the basis of annual or lifetime policy. This amount should at least provide coverage against possible or expected expenses.

Worthiness of Cat Insurance

Cat insurance is for sure is beneficial in terms of cost cutting as far as treatment is concerned but the biggest advantage by far is that the pet owner does not have to think twice before providing best medical care to their loved pet. There can be nothing more satisfying that that to a pet owner. Thus, cat insurance in our opinion is definitely worth it and should be availed by every pet owner.