Should you get Rabbit Insurance?

When it comes to have a pet rabbit, people need to be very cautious as rabbits are extremely delicate from spine to their skin. Rabbits also have delicate external system which makes them prone to illness and injuries. Thus, they need regular veterinary care and high health maintenance. 

Thus, rabbit pet owners need to be extra careful and provide these pets with complete care.  Rabbit insurance can be beneficial in ensuring that your pet rabbit gets required medical care whenever it requires it.

Benefits of Rabbit Insurance

There is variation in the percentage of amount reimbursed to the pet owners. Routine checkups can cover up to 90% of the expended amount and special treatments may provide coverage for only 50% of the total bill amount. Rabbit insurance helps people in financial management of different medical maintenance procedures like vaccinations, examinations, annual checkup, hospital visits and so on. It can also lower down the costs of special treatment procedures like physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and massage. The payment amount for special treatments can go up to $1,200. There is another advantage of covering vet expenses when rabbit and its owner are travelling abroad and rabbit needs an urgent medical treatment. Sometimes, rabbit passports are lost and they are quite expensive. At this time, insurance companies can insure and reinstate lost rabbit passport.

There are various other benefits associated with rabbit insurance where pet owner can get boarding costs if one has a personal urgency with a need to get hospitalized. Moreover, if rabbit gets lost; then insurer would cover expenses associated with advertisement and rewards. If rabbit dies due to natural/unnatural causes, insurance company would cover the lump sum of the expenses related to the cremation. This lump sum is dependent upon the original amount paid by the policy holder for the rabbit. At the same time, insurance company would help policy holder in finding new pet rabbit. For more information about different rabbit insurance packages, people can go online, visit the insurance company or call the customer care executive of a company.  

All in all, rabbit insurance covers following aspects:-

  • Accident, injury and illness
  • Pet travel
  • Round the clock vet nurse helpline
  • Lifetime health care
  • Emergency boarding
  • Online discounts

Types of Rabbit Insurance

rabbit insurance

Generally rabbit insurance plans provided by insureres can be categorized into three categories based on what the plan covers and for how long

Limited Cover Rabbit Insurance

A limited cover rabbit insurance  is the cheapest (in terms of premium paid) of all the rabbit insurances providing the lowest protection for the rabbit. There is a specific limitation for these policies on the basis of money and time. These policies deny any kind of coverage against long term assistance and immediate treatment. Moreover, these policies do not provide coverage against the pre-existing conditions. There would not be any coverage for a specific condition after treatment cost or time gets exceeded.

Moderate Cover Rabbit  Insurance

Moderate cover insurances cover more as compared to the first category but still do not provide comprehensive cover. Their premiums are typically three times the payments made under limited cover rabbit insurance. Basically, these policies are taken for the purpose of health care. There is explicit exclusion of long-term illness conditions of the pet.

Lifetime Cover Rabbit Insurance

This insurance policy is the best of all the rabbit insurance policies. At the same time, it represents the costliest coverage for the rabbit with maximum payout in a year. In lifetime insurance, there is coverage against vet bills, medical treatments, vaccination and surgeries. There is no age limitation for lifetime insurance.

Factors to Consider before taking Rabbit Insurance

There are three major factors to consider before opting for rabbit insurance. These are:

Age : Age is a primary matter of concern as some companies do not provide insurance for older pet rabbits. Moreover, some companies can also terminate the insurance policy if pet exceeds a certain age limit. Therefore, rabbit owners should read all the policy guidelines before signing any contract with the insurance companies.

Breed : There are pre-defined rules for different breeds of the rabbits. Most of the companies prefer to insure the pure rabbit breeds. Mixed breeds are often considered prone to illness and may hurt others at the same time.

Vaccination Record : This is rabbit owner’s responsibility to provide vaccination record to the insurance company. By this, insurance company can analyze all the pet aspects for further commitments.

Major Rabbit Insurance Providers

There are two major rabbit insurance providers in USA namely VPI Pet Insurance and Pet Assure. 

VPI Pet Insurance

VPI Pet Insurance provides coverage against illnesses, accidents, prescriptions, X-rays, lab fees, hospitalizations etc. there are two types of plans for rabbits namely VPI Standard Plan and VPI Superior Plan. These plans provide coverage against chronic diseases, cancer, accidents and injuries. VPI Standard Plan provides following benefits:-

  • Policy benefit of $9,000
  • Deductible amount of $50 for every unrelated incident
  • Coverage for all mixed bred and purebred rabbits

At the same time, VPI Superior Plan offers following benefits:-

  • Policy benefit of $14,000
  • Comparatively higher reimbursement level than VPI Superior Plan
  • Deductible amount of $50 for every unrelated incident
  • Coverage for all mixed bred and purebred rabbits

Pet Assure

Pet Assure Insurance Company provides coverage for rabbits against hereditary diseases and already existing conditions. There are no limitations with reference to age and medical procedures. Pet Assure releases a card for its policy holders and people can immediately get 25% discount for the vet fees just by showing the card to the vet. People neither have to pay any deductible nor have to fill up any claim form. They just need to ensure that their veterinarian falls in the Pet Assure’s plans.