Should you take Cat Insurance?

Having a pet cat is an amazing experience. These innocent looking and cute creatures soon become part of your family. As with all of us, cats also fall sick and get injured and thus need medical attention. Cat insurance is an easy and effective way to provide protected life to your beloved pet cat without any kind of financial burden on the your head.

Nowadays, pet insurance is not only required for the purpose of covering veterinary expenditure but for other purposes too. Insurance companies have understood that all the pet owners consider their pets as a part of their families and they are willingly providing various types of insurance coverage aspects for different life events of the pet cats. These are discussed below in detail.

Benefits of Cat Insurance

The key objective of cat insurance is to cover the costly vet treatment across the cat’s lifetime. It helps in saving substantial amount of money required to be paid to the veterinarian for costly surgical procedures or other relevant treatment methods. Basically, cat insurance benefits can be segmented in two different types based upon accident coverage and disease insurance. For getting accident insurance coverage, cat is supposed to be insured for a specific interval of time.

There are various cat insurance plans offering coverage for vaccinations, preventive care and anti-parasitic treatments. The optimum time to get a cat insured is the time when the cat is in its best health conditions. There are other sophisticated insurance plans where cats are covered against dental disorders, behavioral disorders and alternate medicinal requirements like homeopathy and acupuncture. There is another section of benefits for out-of-doors cats which provides coverage against the cat loss or theft by paying for the advertisements as well as reward outlays. 

Apart from knowing the aspects of coverage, people should also know about the aspects which may not be covered in the cat insurance policies. These aspects include:-

  • Routine shots
  • Life insurance against accidental death
  • Dental treatment
  • Prescription drugs costs
  • Geriatric illness treatment
  • Insurance against already existing medical conditions
  • Cost of travelling in different countries with the cat
  • Special diets food
  • Expenses associated with the cancellation of vacation due to cat illness
  • Cost of boarding 

Apart from these health benefits, there must be some other advisable benefits such as:-

  • A catalogue of camps and hotels providing free cats access
  • Round the clock vet emergency advice
  • Full details regarding the legislation on necessary and compulsory vaccinations for foreign nations
  • Pragmatic guidelines for reporting the presence of any endemic diseases in the cats along with specific assistance for travelling with the cats
  • Information on special shops, vet medical centers and breeding  

Types of Cat Insurance

cat insurance

Cat insurance plans can be broadly categorized into three kinds i.e. annual policies, per condition policies and lifetime plans.

Annual Policies

Annual policies represent the cheapest available option for covering outflows related to the short-range medical issues for a definite period of 1 year. This limitation based upon time restricts cat owners from the benefits of medium or long-range medical conditions.

Per Condition Policies

This type of insurance policy also has a limitation, not based upon time but upon the specific conditions. Therefore, insurance holders can make various claims but these claims should not be repetitive. 

Lifetime Plans

This type of insurance provides coverage to cat throughout its life. This continuing coverage is supposed to be renewed on monthly or annually basis. This policy is quite comprehensive as it provides coverage against the pre-existing conditions and it also covers the already covered medical conditions. This policy is most expensive of all the insurance policies as it provides highest level of coverage.

Cats Insurance Limitations, Deductible and Co-Payments 

All the cat owners are supposed to know about the amount of deductibles and the limitations for payouts in the cats insurance. Deductibles can be counted as per the incident or on annual basis. Cat owners should also know about the percentage of reimbursed offered by the company. This percentage is either based upon the simple percentage of the vet expenses or upon the preset prices schedule as per the kind of medical intervention.

Simple Tips to find Best Cat Insurance

Cat insurance covers financial aspects related to the routine care and other urgent illness issues of cats. For better assessment of various cat insurance companies, cat owners must talk to their vets and friends about the companies. They must ask them about the most preferable cat insurance plan for their cat as vet knows the health history of the pet. Generally, cat insurance policies asking price lies between $300 and $600 annually. This may sound costly but it is cheaper as compared to the usual vet costs for surgical procedures, ultrasounds and other urgencies. Cat owners should get a list of top cat insurance companies and assess them on the basis of their customer service. People need to know about the types of cat insurance, health history of their cats and age-based plans of the insurance companies.   

Overall cat insurance is a great way to make sure your cat gets all the required medical attention whenever it requires it. It is highly recommended to take one based on your needs. Some of the prominent cat insurance companies are provided below for your reference.

Major Companies Providing Cat Insurance

There are various companies providing various cat insurance plans.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance   cat insurance

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance provides coverage against accident and illness. Their accident and illness based coverage aspects include:-

  • Treatments
  • Lab tests and diagnostics
  • Surgery
  • Examinations
  • Prescription medication
  • Hospitalization

Also, they are known for providing covers against chronic disease, breed specific conditions, hereditary conditions, lifetime coverage against chronic disease and cancer. They have great customer rating with positive aspects like strong underwriting, unlimited lifetime disbursement arrangement, no age limit and travelling coverage in nations like Canada plus Mexico. 

Embrace Pet Insurance

Started in 2006, Embrace Pet Insurance provides coverage against factors like:-

  • Wellness/ routine care
  • Neutering and spaying
  • Routine deworming
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Annual wellness examinations
  • Heartworm and flea medication
  • Routine diagnostic tests

At the same time, they do not provide coverage against:-

  • Organ transplantation
  • Behavioral conditions
  • Breeding, pregnancy and fertility
  • Elective and cosmetic procedures
  • Unapproved medication by FDA
  • Waiting period conditions
  • More than one foreign body ingestion surgery in a single year
  • Pre-existing conditions

Trupanion Insurance

They provide optional coverage against hip dysplasia. It covers all the five basic requirements alternatives namely cancer coverage, chronic disease, lifetime coverage against chronic disease, congenital conditions and breed specific conditions. They do not provide coverage against pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, routine care, elective procedures, vet examination expenses etc.