Top Dog Insurance Companies

When it comes to find and compare top dog insurance companies, people would find it really difficult. All insurance companies provide plans with various specifications and thus making a choice is hard. The first step towards searching a good dog insurance policy is to identify a great pet insurance company. Therefore, we have prepared a list of top dog insurance companies to help you quickly shortlist good pet insurance companies.

VPI Pet Insurance

VPI Pet Insurance is in pet insurance industry for over three decades now. Headquartered in Brea, California; have insured over 1 million pets till date.  VPI have partnered with IAMS, Eukanuba, Frontline, Heartgard, PetAirways, Doctors Foster and Smith, Pet Sitters International, Animal Behavior College, Moochie & Co., Trusted Pet Partners and Aussie Pet Mobile.

They provide three types of dog insurance plans namely comprehensive, economical and senior pet plans. Comprehensive plan covers illnesses, accidents and hereditary conditions with monthly premium rates of $27-37. Economical plan covers accidents and illnesses with monthly premium rates of $21-29 and senior pets plan covers only accidents with monthly premium rate of $12.  Apart from dog insurance, they provide cat insurance, bird insurance and exotic pets insurance. There is no further diversification of their plans.

Petfirst Healthcare

Petsfirst Healhtcare was founded in July 2004 by A. Brent Hinton and Landson B. Robbins. It is owner operated and privately held with the specific availability of their plans in all the 50 states of USA. They are headquartered in Jeffersonville, Indiana with an A+ rating amongst insurance companies.  They provide three types of plans for dogs namely Dog Plan, 2 Pet Family Plan and 3 Pet Family Plan. There are variations in their price list depending upon the type of plan and state of domicile.  Apart from dogs, they provide insurance for cats also without altering premiums as per breed, age or location. They do not provide other types of insurances. Family Pet Insurance allows user to insure multiple pets at a single time with fractional changes in the policy cost.


Trupanion has been providing dog insurance for over a decade. Company provides pet insurance in USA and Canada.  They provide simple dog insurance plan with no other complications in terms levels etc. They provide coverage against diagnostic tests, surgical procedures, treatments, medications and hospital boarding. There is 90% coverage for all the vet fees with optional deductible and less exam fee. There are no annual, per incident or lifetime limits with limitless lifetime coverage.  Apart from dogs, they provide insurance for cats and there is no further diversification of their plans. They are underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company. Moreover, they are founding members of Naphia with BBA accredited A+ rating.

Petplan Pet Insurance

top dog insurance company

With more than 35 years of experience, Petplan Insurance Company is headquartered in Philadelphia. With sister company like Petplan UK, they are determined to provided extraordinary care and support to the pets. They are licensed to provide pet care in all the 50 states of USA along with the District of Columbia. They have forecasted branches in Canada till the end of this year.

They offer three types of dog insurance plans namely bronze, silver and gold. In Bronze plan, only vet fees are covered up to $8000 while in silver there are other inclusion in the form of boarding kennel fees, advertizing, rewarding and lost pet recovery cost. Also, vet fees are covered up to a specific amount of $12,000. Apart from the aforementioned coverage aspects of silver plan, there are further inclusions in gold plan in the form of coverage against death and vacation cancellation. Here, vet fees coverage amount has been increased to $20,000.   Apart from dog insurance, they provide cat insurance and there is no further diversification of Petplan Pet Insurance.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio; Embrace Pet Insurance was founded in July 2003 . They are available in all the 50 states of USA along with the District of Columbia.  They provide a single and comprehensive plan with coverage against breed-specific conditions, alternative therapies, cancers, surgeries, prescriptions drugs, diagnostic testing and vet examination. Apart from dogs, they provide coverage for cats and there is no further diversification of their insurance policies. They are A+ rated under BBA accreditation and they are in organization with Naphia.

Hartville Pet Health Insurance

All the pet insurance programs for Hartville Pet Health Insurance are offered by the Hartville Group Inc. their plans are administered by Petsmarketing and underwriteen by the United States Fire Insurance Company. They are in strategic partnership with ASPCA  and provide 4 levels of coverage. Their policy holders are entitled to use any of the vets in US and Canada together with emergency clinics and specialists.

They have simple plan varying with co-insurance options and deductible. Their coverage aspects include illnesses, accidents, ongoing conditions, wellness care and so on.  There is another subsidiary of Harthville Group Inc. called Petshealth Care Plan with similar offers like the Hartville Pet Health Insurance. Apart from dog insurance, they provide cat insurance and there is no further diversification of their plans. Also, they are A+ rated under BBB accreditation and they are VeriSign trusted.

PetPartners Insurance

PetPartners have an old history beginning from 1980s. They provide insurance for dogs and cats. Their head offices are located in Raleigh, North Carolina. They have a sister company as PetPartners in UK also and they provide insurance for all the 50 states in USA. PetPartners  offers three distinct plans as The Sapphire Plan, The Emerald Plan and The Diamond Plan. Sapphire Plan provides coverage against the injuries and Emerald Plan offers coverage against both, accidents and injuries. Diamond Plan is most wide-ranging plan providing coverage against illnesses, accidents and preventive care.   They have another contributor with the name of American Kennel Club  and the CAT Fanciers’ Association  providing similar features as PetPartners.

24PetWatch Pet Insurancetop dog insurance companies

They are one of the leaders in providing illness and accident insurance for dogs and cats. They also provide data organization services to North American companion animal industry. It is a wide-ranging subsidiary of Pethealth Inc. running with various other names like ShelterCare, EVE, PetPoint and CherryBlue. As per the records, 24PetWatch Pet Insurance paid more than $14,500,000 in North America for covering illnesses and accidents for pets.  They have license to operate in all the 50 states of USA. They provide 5 types of plans namely QuickCare Gold, QuickCare Complete, QuickCare Optimum, QuickCare Intro and QuickCare.

Purina Care Pet Health Insurance

Purina Care was launched in 2008 and is wholly owned subsidiary of Nestlé Purina PetCare Company. Purina Care provides distinct features like discounts and quick reimbursement.  They represent a trustworthy name providing three types of plans namely Purina Care plus Preventive Care, Purina Care without Preventive Care and Purina Care Accident Only.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

Healthy Paws was co-founded by Steve Siadek and Rob Jackson with their main office in Seattle, Washington. They provide coverage against vet fees with aspects like surgeries, hospitalization, prescription medication and diagnostic testing. They are known for their lifetime benefits and extraordinary customer service. They provide coverage for cats and dogs with no further diversification.  Moreover, they represent the only pet insurance company offering limitless lifetime benefits with yearly deductible.