Top Websites for Pet Insurance Comparison

Pet insurance has become a basic necessity to ensure the safety of pets. It can be really complicated and difficult to find the correct pet insurance plan without keeping certain aspects in mind. There are numerous variables involved in taking a pet insurance plan and thus some research is required to get the right one. This is made easy by some pet insurance comparing website which collect data from various companies and present them at one place. Pet owners can use these websites to shortlist insurance companies and plans. Typical research parameters for pet insurance comparison are policy coverage range, deductibles, monthly premium rates, included species and breeds.

What should a Good Pet Insurance Comparison Website have?

It is east to provide just names of companies and their plans. But to be a good pet insurance comparison website it has to go a step further. There are certain questions related to pet insurance which should be answered in a good pet comparison website. These questions are:-

  • Comprehensiveness in terms of insurance companies and plans
  • What does the insurance policy cover?
  • How much will be the annual premium rate?
  • What is the amount of deductible?
  • Is there co-pay for the policy holders?
  • What are the excluded parameters?
  • Are there annual coverage caps?
  • What are the limitations of the insurance policy?
  • What is the percentage and waiting time for reimbursement?
  • Is there inflation in renewal rate?
  • What is the present status and reputation of company?

Our Top Picks for Pet Insurance Comparison Websites

There are so many website on pet insurance comparison. Most of them have have low quality content, some are not updated and some are not comprehensive. Based on our analysis, here are some good ones you can use to compare pet insurance. These sites are: compares pet insurance companies and plans with complete information about various insurance companies as well as the reviews written by the users. They also provide articles over pet-oriented topics which can be really beneficial for pet care. They have sorted pet insurance for dogs and cats in different categories along with other information. There is complete detailing about all the top pet insurance companies and pet owners can rely upon the data provided by

We found also a good pet insurance comparison website. It provides specific tools guiding pet owners through a process of selecting pet insurance company. They provide a specific research formula enabling pet owners to find perfect monthly rate against long-term and short-term illnesses.  Moreover, pet owners can go through various insurance quotes provided by top insurance companies in a particular area. They present their pet insurance comparison in two categories namely “Compare Pet Insurance” and “Most Expensive Pets”. Pet owners can find testimonials from the previous website visitors and there are articles to provide information regarding pet insurance. Pet owners can compare all the insurance companies on the basis of their rating.

pet insurance comparison website is popular for its information on pricing, benefits and customer reviews. This website is independent and it is not controlled or owned by any pet insurance company. We believe all the reviews are submitted by the pet insurance customers and all these factors define the proficiency of this website. is maintained in a tabular format with possibilities of browsing for dog and cat insurance in USA as well as in Canada. Pet owners are guided through procedure of getting quotes, making a claim, saving money and selecting an insurance company. Pet owners can sort the table results by monthly premium, company name and user rating. They can also sort the results on the basis of premium and basic plans. There are six columns in their table and their headings are Insurer, Plan, Monthly rate, Features, User Rating and Contact. Pet owners can also differentiate between the plans on the basis of particular breed. is also a good pet insurance comparison site represents a resource based and pet owner operated website providing specific guidance through the correct pet insurance policy. They help pet owners by providing information by customer reviews and pricing all across the pet insurance industry. basically has three tabs namely Free Quotes, Compare Plans and FAQs where pet owners can find all the necessary information related to the pet insurance. They also provide reasons to find pet insurance with them with testimonials from previous website referrals. Here, pet owners can find detailed information about the pet insurance companies in USA and Canada. is another independent website providing information over following aspects:-

  • Customer testimonials
  • Coverage levels
  • Pricing policies
  • Strengths & weaknesses of insurance companies
  • Excess
  • Extra cover
  • Premium rates

They have segregated their website information in 7 different tabs where they show the working methodology of their research system. They also represent top 5 insurance plans which are quite beneficial for pet owners. Moreover, they name five top insurance companies based upon the user rating by independent pet owners. Apart from providing information about dog and cat insurance, they also provide authentic information about exotic pets. They have maintained all the coverage aspects in a tabular format with minimum monthly rate giving an easy view to the pet owner for simple assessment.


User can visit these websites and based on their requirements can find the details of right insurance plan for their pets. Users can visit more than one website too to confirm details.