What is Cargo Insurance and Benefits?

Cargo insurance is a type of insurance which covers physical damage to, or loss of your goods while they are being transported by land, sea and air. This is a very important aspect of companies involved in trading of good (export / import) and even logistics companies involved transportation within the country.

It is rare that individuals need this insurance. More than individuals, import and export companies are in need for this insurance because they transport goods in great volumes and sometimes of greater value.
Maritime trade is dominant form of internships.

Types of Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance can be taken for international as well as domestic transportation. At the same time, this is really difficult to standardize and control without the proper cooperation from countries and states due to the varying nature of this insurance. Under these variations, this insurance can be categorized into following classifications:-

Land Cargo Insurance : This insurance provides coverage for all the land transportations covering trucks and other small utility vehicles. The coverage aspects are theft, collusion damages and other related risks. This insurance is domestic in nature and normally, operates within the boundaries of the nation. 

Marine Cargo Insurance : This insurance covers transportation carried our either in sea or by air. Here, means of transportation and goods are covered from damage due to cargo loading/unloading, weather contingencies, piracies and other relevant issues. Mostly, this insurance covers international transportation.   Under these insurances, there are some policies which can help you in understanding the concept of cargo insurance in a profound manner. These policies are:-

ational trade and thus cargo insurance is of great value to companies transporting through cargo insurance

  • Open Cover Cargo Policies : When insurance holder opts for coverage against various consignments, then open cover cargo policies get activated. These policies are segmented in two categories namely renewable policy and permanent policy. Renewable policy is required for a particular value requiring renewal after policy expiration. Most of the single trip or voyages fall under this category. Permanent policy can be drawn up for a decided time period permitting countless shipments in that period.
  • Specific Cargo Policies : When a company approaches an insurance company or broker for insuring a particular consignment, then it can fall under the category of specific cargo policies. These policies are also termed as voyage policies because only shipments are covered under them.
  • Contingency Insurance Policy : There are certain cases where customer, not the seller is responsible for insuring the goods against loss or damage. There are perils associated with it if goods get damaged during transit and customer refuses to accept them. In few cases, some customers do not insure the goods and tend to avoid the liability. Under such circumstances, affected sellers can seek rectification with the help of the legal system. This can be very costly for them and sometimes, they may lose the case. Therefore, sellers are advised to go for contingency insurance which have a very less premium rate. For testing and verification, sellers need not tell about it to their customers. 

Benefits of Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance covers transits carried out in water, air, road, rail, registered post parcel and courier.  Following aspects are covered under the benefits of this insurance:-

All Risk Coverage

This coverage provides extensive protection against damage or loss due to external factors. Though, this is called all risk coverage but still, people should know the aspects included and excluded in the policy. Under all risk coverage, included aspects are:-


  • Damages due to inappropriate packing
  • Infestation
  • Cargo abandonment
  • Customs rejection
  • Employee’s dishonesty

Free From Particular Average Coverage  (maritime insurance related)

"Free of particular average" coverage clause excludes coverage partial losses to the cargo or to the hull except those resulting from stranding, sinking, burning, or collision. Another important aspect of this clause is that the shipper does not pay for minor losses (pre decided percentage) and is only held liable in case of significant losses to the cargo. This insurance coverage belongs to special category and covers particular perils only. There is difference in coverage depending upon the storage location of the cargo. In this policy, following perils are included:-

  • Collision
  • Heavy weather
  • Sinking
  • Derailment
  • Non-delivery
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Earthquake

General Average Coverage

This coverage is basic requirement in the marine cargo transits. More specifically, it covers only partial loss occurred to the shipment. It requires all the other cargo holding owners on the ship to pay compensation to the periled cargo owner.

Warehouse to Warehouse Coverage

This coverage is applicable when shipment is unloaded from the ship and it gets transported to the customer’s warehouse. Insurance companies are very particular about compensating only the insurance holder’s cargo, not other owners’ cargos.

Select Cargo Insurance Providers

Cargo insurance providers are coming up with various user-friendly plans and most companies are obligatorily taking this insurance for the financial protection. Some of the cargo insurance providers are:-

Cargo Cover Transportation Insurance 

Cargo Cover represents world’s renowned online cargo insurance application website. More than 2000 freight forwarders, shippers and NVOCCs use Cargo Cover as their major source to get insurance. Cargo cover has already insured cargos worth $16 billion since its inception in 1998. Cargo Cover provides extensive benefits to its customers and these benefits are in the form of great rates, comprehensive coverage, punctual delivery, confidence. Value added services and cemented client relationships.

Wyvern International Insurance Brokers

Wyvern International represents an insurance brokers’ association with Lloyd’s London experts which are specialized in covering international plus domestic cargos, transportation, transit, storage risks and supply chains.  Their offers include coverage for marine cargo only travelling all across the world. All the concerned people can avail insurance from Wyvern International at a minimum premium amount of $1,000. Their clients include:-

  • manufacturers
  • distributors
  • third party logistics suppliers and freight forwarders
  • dealers
  • import/export firms
  • any individual interested in transporting goods
  • all the domestic as well as MNCs who are in the business of frequent import, export and distribution
  • wholesalers or retailers
  • traders
  • inland transit companies