What is Cruise Insurance and Benefits

Successful cruise plans take a lot of savings and time for reserving a cabin in the cruise. After getting it, nobody can manage to lose that money due to a sudden change of plans or emergency. All these financial losses and problems can be put off with the help of cruise insurance.

This insurance falls in the special category of travel insurance and it can be provided by both independent insurers as well as cruise lines. These insurance policies cover urgent medical expenses, trip cancellation, stolen or lost luggage, urgent medical evacuation and trip delays. On the basis of comparison, private insurance companies offer better and safer protection than cruise lines but they are expensive than the policies of cruise lines.

Benefits of Cruise Insurance

Cruise insurance cost are typically 6 to 8 percent of the total cruise cost  but there are numerous benefits coming along with these costs. These benefits are:-

Coverage against Trip Cancellation
If policy holders have already paid the travel expenses and they need to cancel the trip due to some reasons, then this coverage provides reimbursement against the trip cancellation.

Missed Connection Cover
Missed connection cover protects cruise travelers from encounters like severe weather, overbooking errors and unplanned labor strikes.

Evacuation Coverage
This coverage pays as well as arranges for the urgent medical evacuations and/or repatriation of policy holders’ remains. It also helps patients in getting back home after proper treatment.

cruise insurance

Financial Default Coverage
If a travel supplier comes across a bankruptcy or financial default, then this coverage can reimburse the payments made by the policy holder to the supplier.

Medical Coverage
This coverage provides urgent dental and medical care during a sudden injury or illness on the cruise.

Global Travel Assistance Services 
If cruise travelers get lost and need travel-based assistance on the basis of financial or identification restoration aspects, then these services can be helpful.

Trip Interruption Cover
This coverage reimburses the already paid expenses if policy holders need to end or interrupt their trip due to some reasons.

Types of Cruise Insurance

Everything is fine aboard if travelers have their cruise insurance with them. This insurance can be segmented into following categories:-

Short-Term Insurance
Short term insurance is applicable for cruise travelers who are willing to travel and/or stay out of the country for a minimum period of 2 days and maximum period of 3 years. In terms of coverage, this insurance is available from 5 days to 1 year and it can be renewed up to 3 years. Maximum age for attaining this insurance is 69 years and policy holders under 69 years of age are entitled to get maximum benefit up to $1 million.

Long-Term Insurance
This insurance is applicable over long-term travelers and its policies can be issued in successive period of 12 months. This package provides worldwide coverage with wide-ranging PPO network. Under this insurance, policy holders below 75 years of age are entitled for long-term medical insurance and maternity coverage.

Trip Cancellation Insurance
This insurance provides trip price reimbursement benefits which can assist policy holders in case of sickness, accident or loss during a cruise voyage. This coverage is also applicable if trip get cancelled or is interrupted due to travel supplier default or tour operator. There is total coverage even if there is complete services cessation. Any types of events leading to the cancellation of prepaid vacation or business trip are covered under this insurance.  

Various Cruise Insurance Providers

There are various cruise insurance companies which provide different packages and travelers can choose any of the companies as per their requirement. Following are some cruise insurance companies:-

American Express Travel Insurance 
Located in Texas and Florida , American Express Travel Insurance provides three types of insurance policies. These policies provide annual coverage, comprehensive and build-your-own coverage. Annual coverage is most expensive of all the policies but at the same time, it provides maximum coverage also. At $79 per year, groups or individuals can remain protected all the way through the year. In addition, policy holders can also choose build-your-own or comprehensive insurance.
Comprehensive package provides complete trip coverage with different travel plans at $59 per voyage. Build-your-own package provides specific policy as per the requirement of the policy holder and it is most economical of all the policies costing only $11 for every trip.

Allianz Travel Insurance
Allianz Travel Insurance represents Allianz Global Assistance’s travel insurance brand. They represent world’s largest fortune 500 company with over 10,000 employees. They provide brilliant insurance plans as Basic Plan, Deluxe Plan and Classic Plan.

  • Basic Plan : Basic Plan is one of the most economical of all the three plans which protect policy holders from unforeseen trip interruptions or cancellations. Moreover, there is additional coverage against pre-existing medical conditions with no supplementary processing fee. They offer urgent dental plus medical coverage up to $10,000, urgent medical transportation coverage up to $50,000, luggage coverage up to $500 and luggage delay coverage up to $100. In case of a travel delay, insurance holders can get coverage up to $150.
  • Classic Plan : In this plan, policy holders get trip cancellation and interruption protection up to purchased amount and 150% of the purchased amount respectively. There is urgent medical plus dental and urgent medical transportation coverage up to $25,000 and $500,000 respectively. Moreover, luggage coverage up to $1,000, luggage delay coverage up to $300 and travel delay coverage of $800 are also applicable in this plan. There is a daily limit of $200 along with missed connection coverage of $800, change fee coverage of $250 and frequent traveler plan coverage of $250.