What is Day Car Insurance and Benefits

Taking day car insurance is based upon the question if car owners drive their vehicle daily or once in a while. Most of the car owners take general car insurance even if they do not drive their vehicles frequently. It is not reasonable to pay whole year for occasional rides. For stopping this spree of spending extra money, car owners should definitely go far this insurance. This insurance plan is more convenient and affordable than general car insurance based upon annual premium. Today, car owners look for convenience at low cost and this insurance can be helpful in that aspect. 

Day car insurance is required to provide financial coverage to various aspects if car owners decide to drive their cars very rarely. This insurance covers a particular car for every single day car owner takes it out. Car owners can save significant amount of money spent on their car insurance by this plan. Most of the people come across the different terminology as short-term insurance which is similar to this insurance.

Benefits of Day Car Insurance

There are many benefits of day car insurance and majorly, low cost can be considered as prime benefit of purchasing this insurance. There is no need to wait for the policy expiration so that car owners can get the refundable amount back. Day car insurance requires to for a particular time duration saving a lot of money. Moreover, this insurance is easy to avail and it does not take long for procedure completion.  It has following benefits:-

  • Third party liability coverage for injuring or killing someone
  • Third party liability coverage for damaging someone’s property
  • New car replacement if the damaged car is irreparable
  • Coverage against damage or loss by theft, vandalism or fire
  • Coverage for the insured vehicle if it stumbles upon the accident
  • Recovery from accident followed by standard repair services
  • National RAC short term breakdown cover

Exclusions from the Day Car Insurance

While, there are several advantages of day car insurance; there are certain exclusions from the policy. Most specific and/or atypical exclusions are:-

  • Denial for reimbursement related to windscreen repair or replacement
  • Reduction in value due to mechanical/electrical failure, computer breakdowns, wear and tear, breakages or failures
  • Depreciation in worth followed by repair services
  • Requisition, confiscation or destruction by the orders of local, public or governmental authority
  • Tire damage due to punctures, braking, bursts or cuts
  • Direct damage or loss due to aircraft pressure waves and/or other airborne vehicles flying at or above the speed of sound    

Types of Day Car Insurance

There are various possible mishaps which can occur while travelling from one place to another in a car. Types of day car insurance

Bi Coverage

day car insurance This coverage gets activated when responsible but insured driver causes physical injury to the other person. Bi coverage protects insurance holder against the medical bills expenditure and other significant losses associated with the accident. This coverage does not provide coverage for the injuries sustained by the insurance holder if one is at fault. Fault is considered justified when accused person hits other vehicle from behind. Bi coverage protects insurance holder from costs incurred during defense in the court. 

Non-Accidental or Comprehensive Car Damage Coverage

This type of insurance is runs under comprehensive insurance policy where car gets damaged either due to theft or fire. Natural causes of damage are considered under this type of insurance. Depending upon the policy guidelines, rental or rented cars can also be covered under this insurance. However, this is not obligatory to avail this insurance but it can be helpful to have this insurance if one has car loan vehicle lease.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage can be beneficial if insurance holder’s car gets hit with another car. All the repair expenses are covered under this insurance. However, this coverage is not obligatory by law but again, car loan holders and vehicle leasers are supposed to have this insurance.  

Third Party Property Damage Liability Coverage

This type of insurance is required is insurance holder damages someone’s property. This property can be anything including garage, light post or a fence. Apart from covering the insurance holder against the legal fees, this type of coverage also provides protection against the costs of repairing and replacement.

Various Day Car Insurance Providers

This insurance is a special and extended type of auto insurance. Following are some insurance companies providing day car insurance:-

Progressive Commercial Auto Insurance

Founded in 1937, progressive Commercial offers specifically provided day car insurance.  They segment their provisions for the insurance in two forms namely non-owned car insurance and hired car insurance. Non-owned car insurance protects employers’ non-owned vehicles from accidents whereas hired car insurance protects insurance holders if they drive hired cars.  

BUDGET Insurance

Budget Insurance manages to provide six basic benefits of day car insurance to their customers. These benefits include:-

  • Temporary supplementary cars
  • No-claim bonus plans
  • Singlehanded car demonstration
  • Instant insurance
  • Temporary supplementary drivers
  • Urgent drive away coverage  

Budget Insurance’s car insurance working methodology is segmented into parts. They have different divisions for following purposes:-

  • Receiving new quotes
  • Customer services
  • Policy renewals
  • Making a claim
  • Windscreen repairs
  • • RAC breakdown help