What is Golf Insurance and Benefits

Golf is a popular outdoor game, especially among the rich and famous. All the golfers acclaim this game as they feel relaxed after playing it. While golf is relatively less risky game as compared to say rugby but there are still possibilities of injuries which can occur on a golf course. further, golfers also need to take care of their supplementary golf equipment. These equipments are very costly and there are increasing cases golf equipment thefts every year.  

Many golfers, especially who are just starting with the game are unaware of the benefits of golf insurance. But every golfer needs to know that a third party property damage or injury can really put them off the edge where they can get sued for a huge amount of money. There are some cases when golfers are not at fault but still others accuse them for the mishap. This is where a good golf insurance plan can really come handy.

Golf Insurance Benefits

Golf insurance permits golfers to enjoy their game with full peace by providing comprehensive coverage within the golf course location. Golf insurance benefits include:-

Medical Expenses Coverage
Golf insurance companies provide coverage against all the accidents happening while practicing or playing golf on golf course or its related driving range. Typical medical coverage is in the range of $1,000.

Clubs Breakage Coverage
There is clubs breakage coverage if golfers break them while practicing or playing golf in the golf course or the driving range.

Hole-In-One Privilege Coverage
There is permitted coverage (typically in the range of $ 1000) for the hospitality costs related to food and beverages. This coverage is specifically for the golfers scoring hole-in-one and is valid from the particular day of scoring to predefined date limits (say 30 days etc.) .

golf insurance

Round The Clock Personal Accident Coverage

This coverage comes into existence when golfers come across any accident in the golf club. The coverage varies from company to company, for example Chartis, a golf insurer provides coverage amount upto $50,000.

Club Subscription Cost
Some insurance companies provide reimbursement if golfer does not get to play due to an outside injury or unforeseen injury. At the same time, first 14 days after the club subscription would not be covered under any circumstances.

Coverage against Damages to Golfing Equipment and Other Personal Effects 
There is reimbursement coverage provided if golfer’s golfing gear and/or other personal effects get damaged or lost while playing or practicing in the golf course or driving range.

Third Party Liability Coverage
This coverage comes into existence when insured golfer accidently injures someone or causes damage to someone’s property during one’s engagement in the course of play. This is the highest coverage and vary from company to company, for example Chartis, provides coverage amount of up to $500,000. 

Types of Golf Insurance

A typical golf insurance plans covers all the aspects mentioned under the benefits section – accident coverage, theft coverage, medical expenses coverage and so on. Apart from this there are other more specialized plans which are also available. These are:-

Golf Cart Insurance
Golf cart insurance is gaining popularity with time. Golf carts are most widely used golf equipment and golfers do not pay much heed to them. Common vehicle insurance does not provide coverage for golf carts due to their comparatively very high cost. Therefore, golf cart insurance is necessary in case if golf carts get damaged, lost or stolen.

Golf Travel Insurance
Golf travel insurance is required by the golfers who travel to other nations for playing golf. Apart from providing coverage for golf clubs, golf travel insurance also provides coverage for other expensive items like jewelry, laptop and important valuables. There is additional coverage for medical urgencies if golfer takes ill or stumbles upon an accident during the golf holiday.

Golf Theft Insurance
Most of the golf equipment thefts occur at night. Most of the insurance companies do not provide golf theft insurance after dark. They provide insurance for golfer’s journey from home to the golf course and the return journey to the home.

Major Golf Insurance Companies

There are many options when it comes to buy golf insurance. Some of the major golf insurance companies are:-

Foremost Insurance Company
Foremost Insurance Company is popular for offering distinct insurance policies to its customers. They are running successfully through the market for last 60 years.  They provide golf cart insurance which has following features:-

  • Medical payment coverage
  • Annual policies
  • Increased limits
  • Liability coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Excluding collision coverage 

Foremost Insurance also offers discount packages if insurance holder already has a policy with the insurance company. Moreover, there is discount offer if golfer wants to insure more than one golf cart via Foremost Insurance Company. There are further savings on renewal of the policy as well as prior insurance over the golf cart.

Travel Guard Chartis
Travel Guard Chartis is running for last 20 years and they offer all types of travel insurances.  Therefore, they cover international as well as domestic golf trips in their comprehensive golf travel insurance program. Their golf course programs include driving directions, recommendations, tee time reservations and PGA professional recommendation services. There would be commemorative drinks round up to $250 if insured golfer gets a hole-in-one during a tournament.

Bollinger Insurance Solutions
Bollinger insurance solutions represent USA’s most respected and largest independent insurance brokers’ company. They are ranked as USA’s 17th largest insurance broker company in 2011 due to their premier volume over $1 billion. They administer the underwriting and special insurance products on national basis. They offer plans for:-

  • Country and private golf clubs
  • Golf course communities
  • Golf management companies
  • Semi-private clubs
  • National, state and limited golf associations
  • City clubs