What is Personal Trainer Insurance and Benefits

Fitness is very important for good health. While almost everyone knows this, not many actually can go ahead a follow a fitness regime themselves. Personal trainers are available for precisely this reason – to keep one fit. While, physical trainers spend substantial time with the customers to explain them about safe exercise techniques but there is higher level of professional liability due to the nature of responsibility upon them. Personal trainer insurance assists trainers by protecting them against potential casualness claims.

This insurance comes up as a requirement for acquiring personal trainer’s certification. It is required in any of the cases where trainers unintentionally cause any harm or injury to the customers during the personal training sessions. Moreover, there is protective coverage for the trainer if customers believe that they got injured or harmed due to negligence of the personal trainers. Typical personal trainer insurance policy offers liability coverage covering monetary damages as well as legal expenses. There are some cases where personal trainers are not permitted to operate without having personal trainer insurance.  

Benefits of Personal Trainer Insurance

Personal trainer insurance offers many benefits whether trainers are operating at gym, customers’ homes or out in the open field. Their benefits include:-

  • Defense costs plus legal coverage
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Third party physical injury and/or property damage coverage up to a substantial amount of $15,000,000 (vary based on insurance firm and plan)
  • Sports gear coverage of $45,000 (vary based on insurance firm and plan)
  • Coverage against tuitions/advices given to the customers

Only policy holder is covered under this insurance. There is 100% reimbursement against the claims and payment is commenced after specific liability insurance approval. If a personal trainer has a group of employees, then it is mandatory to avail employers’ liability insurance. Public liability policy can readily help personal trainers if they are working in various disciplines at the same time. However all the reimbursements are made before the policy expiration but insurers can extend the retroactive policy dates once policy holders have submitted the previously purchased insurance policy copies. There is effective coverage against the future claims if incident happens during the insurance period with certain extensions in the premium rates.

Apart from financial and general benefits, personal trainer insurance also offers legal benefits which are:-

  • Lawful defense against the accusations of assault and abuse
  • Lawful and other claim-oriented outlays
  • Lawful defense against the discrimination allegations

Types of Personal Trainer Insurance

On the basis of covering financial losses arising due to negligence, personal trainer insurance can be divided into two categories which are:-

personal trainer

General Liability Insurance

This insurance is applicable for covering the insurance holders from conducts like ordinary negligence. This policy is also known as public liability or static risk liability. All kinds of training gears and fitness premises center are covered under this insurance. General examples of coverage are protections against slippery shower rooms, workout equipment break down and worn out floor.
There are some cases in which employers have general insurance policies covering their personal trainers, salespersons and maintenance crew. This insurance is not required if personal trainers hold outdoor training sessions in out or at customers’ homes. This occurs due to personal trainer’s lack of control over the equipment. However, if policy holders work from their studios; then they are in control of their apparatus and can readily avail personal trainer insurance. 

Professional Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is in much resemblance with malpractice insurance taken by the lawyers and doctors. It covers personal trainers against professional negligence causing a loss to the customers. Professional trainers advising customers by administering fitness regions, describing exercises and taking classes are supposedly considered as knowledgeable and skilled. Therefore, any mishap is supposed to be compensated by the customers and professional liability insurance should be taken separately from general liability insurance.

Various Personal Trainer Insurance Providers

There are various personal trainer insurance providing companies which offer particular plans as per the requirement of the exercise aficionado. Some of these companies are:-

Elite Risk Services

Elite Risk Services began their journey in 1994 with individual efforts from Jeff Kleid who brought up the agency in personal trainer insurance business in 2003.  Elite Risk Services is located in Newport Beach, California and their insurance program highlights following features:-

  • Legal liability coverage
  • General as well as professional liability insurance
  • Independent contractor’s coverage
  • “A” rating
  • Additional facilities without supplementary costs
  • No deductibles  

There are certain exclusions in the insurance features which are practices pertaining with employment, designated products and claims occurring at owned, leased or rented premises. Apart from providing personal trainer insurance, Elite Risk Services also personan trainer insuranceprovides other types of insurances like:-

  • Pilates instructors insurance
  • Stroller programs insurance
  • Spinning instructors insurance
  • Aerobics instructors insurance
  • Gyronics instructors insurance
  • Indoor plus outdoor programs insurance
  • Kickboxing instructors insurance
  • Yoga instructors insurance
  • Aquatiqs instructors insurance

Hiscox Insurance Company Inc

Hiscox is one of the leading professional insurance companies. Hiscox provides various benefits to the insurance policy holders with customized coverage options, competitive rates and online purchases with greatest financial strength. They offer both general as well as professional liability insurance. Interested personal trainers can put in their quotes at a starting price of $22.5 per month.  

Lockton Risk Services

Lockton Risk Services represents a subordinate of Lockton Companies. They are known for providing professional liability insurance to their customers.  All the policy holding personal trainers can get benefitted against the claims made for personal injury, bodily injury, sexual harassment and many more aspects. They also provide an opportunity to buy in group at competitive prices. They keep National Professional Purchasing Group Association in the synchronization by providing master policy of insurance coverage to them. 

Their insurance certificates exclusively designed to match the personal requirements of the personal trainers and they release these certificates through a financially secured carrier. Their substantial coverage amount ranges from $2 million to $4 million for every occurrence and every year respectively. They also provide additional liability coverage for their customers.