What is Pet Liability Insurance?

In principle, liability insurance offers policy holder protection against the property damage. Pet liability insurance covers injury to someone or damage to someone’s property by the insurance holder’s pet. People should not mistake it for general pet insurance which insures the particular pet against the specific injury or illness.

Animals follow their basic instincts and they are more likely to defend themselves under intentional/unintentional threats by scratches or bites. This sometimes leads to unfortunate accidents even involving injuries to humans.    For example, an unwary cat can scratch or bite a kid if one tugs upon its tail.

Pet Liability Insurance Benefits and Other Factors

According to recent surveys from the CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there are over 4.7 million cases of dog bite every year in USA. This leads to 800,000 serious injuries with proper need for medical attention. As a pet owner, one is fully liable if pet injures someone at the owner’s home.  There are various benefits for the pet liability insurance holder as well as the injured person. First of all, both of them are not supposed to bear any costs associated with the injury. Insurance company would take care of all the costs but people need to learn if the concerned pet falls under the category of unbanned animals or not.

Coverage Aspects for Pet Liability Insurance

Most of the people consider that pet liability insurance is only for dogs/cats which is not true. There are provisions for other exotic pets like lizards, pot bellied pigs, snakes, lions, tigers and monkeys. Recently, most of the insurance companies have either begun to rule out such animals from their insurance coverage or have started keeping high premium amount. Every pet liability insurance company has two decisions to make in the form of accepting the animal for insurance and putting forward the premium amount.

These decisions are generally made after an insurance agent’s visit to the pet owner’s place for analyzing following aspects:-

  • Type of pet and its behavior
  • Up to date licensing
  • Pet training certificate or other proofs of obedience
  • Inspection of home and fenced yard
  • History of animal behavior 

Recent insurance journal reports stated that most of the people come across pet liability exposure not only for dogs but for other exotic animals too. There are less chances of getting renter’s insurance but it can safeguard a renter if one is getting sued for someone else’s damage. There is a proper segmentation for insurance coverage aspects in the form of liability coverage, property damage coverage and medical payment to others. For further elaboration, liability coverage can be extended to a significant amount of $300,000 along with reasonable $500 in terms of property damage coverage. Moreover, there can be further inclusion of $500 as medical payment to others in case pet owner’s pet injures someone.

Every pet liability insurance holder should consider benefit by getting the maximum out of the deductible amount paid by the insurance holder. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for the pet owner to look for the compensation payout limits put forth by the insurance companies in their company guidelines. There are various companies providing dog liability insurance as a supplement along with the existing pet insurance plan for the insurance holder.

Top Pet Liability Insurance Companies

Details for some of the leading pet liability insurance companies are provided below:-pet liability insurance

My German shepherd Pet Insurance

My German Shepherd Pet Insurance provides both, pet insurance as well as pet liability insurance for a masculine pet like German shepherd. This organization is currently under analysis phase in USA but it has already been established in UK with another name called Argos. Argos covers adequate amount up to £2 million in terms of pet liability. For US citizens, people need to take coverage for the German shepherd also as it has been considered as the part of the assets.


Xinsurance is another popular firm providing dog and animal liability insurance. While they cover most of the dog breeds but they exclude following dogs from the homeowner’s coverage:-

  • Pit bulls
  • German shepherds
  • Rottweilers
  • bully breeds
  • Doberman pinschers
  • Akitas

Einhorn insurance

Einhorn insurance is another insurance firm providing coverage against intentional or unintentional injuries due to pets. They provide coverage for rescue dog damages and dog bites.  People can contact any of these three firms for getting both pet insurance as well as pet liability insurance.