What is Pig Insurance?

It really does not matter if one has cat, dog, horse, bird or pig as a pet but ultimately pet is a part of pet owner's life. Pet insurance today represents one of many ways through which pet owners can provide medical care to their pets without any financial constraints. While pigs do represent a popular pet animal, it is not as popular as a dog or a cat. Thus there are relatively fewer firms offering pig insurance policies.  Most of the plans offered cover o  – guinea pigs (note: guinea pigs are not actually pigs, but we are including them here anyways) and pot-bellied pigs.

Guinea Pigs Insurance

Guinea pig are one of the most popular. These are smaller in size than rabbit but larger than hamster. There are various coverage plans and options for guinea pigs. People can get any type of protection like their own health insurance.

Various Guinea Pig Insurance Plans

All the guinea pig plans are created after proper consideration of the potential health hazards related to the these pets. In addition to coverage against illnesses, there are covers against the accidents and death also. Moreover, there is a provision for third party liability in case if guinea pig causes injury to other person and/or damage to property intentionally or unintentionally. All these aspects have widened the horizons of pet insurance plans. These plans have come up as relief factors for guinea pig owners because they do not need to worry about the vet bills even if they are under financial crises.

There are advanced plans for all the types of disease with examinations plans and routine care. There is a lot of competition in the marketplace and guinea pig owners can really be benefitted with covers for chiropractic care, dental work and acupuncture cure. There are different plans which can be taken as per the requirement and convenience of the guinea pig as well as its owner. These plans also include the coverage against the vet’s consultation fee during surgical procedures or other medical impediments.

Pot-bellied Pigs Insurance

Pot-bellied pigs have also found a way to become one of the favorite pig pet breeds. When pig owners enter into the neat and tidy barn to spot the whole litter of piglets sleeping in a big heap on the straw, nothing can be as delightful as that view (they feel like getting more pot-bellied pigs :)). 

Factors of Consideration before Purchasing Pot-Bellied Pig Insurance

At young age, these pigs are really small in size but they can grow bigger up to 500 pounds. It is a general need to get them spayed or neutered with a frequent requirement to trim their feet as well as long tusks. It can really become hard for people to manage the vet costs for aforementioned requirements along with an additional but obligatory need for vaccination. In terms of affordability, it can be helpful for people if they buy pig insurance. Before purchasing a plan, they need to make sure that it is valid till the end of pig’s life. Normal pot-bellied pig can live up to an age of 20 years. If people are not able to find the companies providing insurance for pot-bellied pigs, then people can have indirect insurance as farmers’ precious livestock insurance.

Major companies providing Pig Insurance

There are three major pig insurance providers namely Pet Assure Pet Insurance, VPI pet Insurance and Lester Kalmanson Agency Inc.

Pet Assure Pet Insurance

Pet Assure represents one of the best pet insurance companies for having pig insurance. They have two types of plans in the form ofpig insurance single and family plan. Single insurance plans provide 25% discount on all types of medical services. Moreover, there is 50% discount on all the bought items like pet products and other merchandise items. There is round the clock monitoring over the recovery of the lost pig. For monthly plan, there is processing fee of $10 while there is no processing fee for yearly plan. For guinea pigs and small piglets, monthly and annual premium rates are $7.95 and $79 respectively. For big pot-bellied pigs, monthly and yearly premium rates can be specified as $9.95 and $99 respectively. There is similar structure for family plan with only variation in monthly and yearly premium rates as $13.95 and $149 respectively. Also, people can insure up to four pets in this plan.

VPI Pet Insurance

VPI Pet Insurance provides coverage for pot-bellied pigs against illnesses, injuries, accidents, chronic diseases and cancers. Pet owners can call up on 888-899-4VPI for enrolling in their plans. Their plans are segmented in two types as VPI Superior Plan and VPI Standard Plan. There is $50 deductible for both the plans for every unrelated incident and it covers all the purebred as well as mixed breed pigs. There is higher level of reimbursement for VPI Superior Plan than VPI Standard Plan. Maximum policy benefits for VPI Standard Plan and VPI Superior Plan are $9,000 and $14,000 respectively.

Lester Kalmanson Agency Inc.

They provide coverage for domestic, rare and zoological pigs with consideration of animal liability. There is pig transit insurance for international transportation.