What is Pregnancy Insurance and Benefits

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a ones life. This is an encouraging feeling with the realization of new baby’s arrival and feeling of becoming a mother. But at the same time, it can be frightful with the fear of complications and high priced medications which might be required in case of any medical issues. Therefore, this is good to have pregnancy insurance for coverage against the main and/or supplemental costs. Pregnancy insurance can be more beneficial if person takes it prior to the pregnancy.

Before taking pregnancy insurance, person should confirm the following checklist in order to gain the full advantage of the insurance policy:

  • Whether there is a clause for already pregnant condition or not
  • Is there coverage against prenatal care, lab work and diagnostics
  • Whether policy offers care through in-network physicians or personally preferred physicians
  • What are the conditions for midwives, alternative medicine, birth centers and home births
  • What is the status for optional coverage, prescription medication, round the clock online/offline help
  • What are the conditions for hospital stay, delivery choice and delivery cost
  • is there any provision for postnatal care    

Benefits of Pregnancy Insurance

Pregnancy is a joyous but there are possibilities of complications which can be detrimental to health and sometimes life-threatening too. Many females restrict themselves from medical checkups due to shortage of money and pregnancy insurance can help them in maintaining the continuity of their appointments with the gynecologists. At this time, pregnancy insurance can really assist by ensuring proper medical care without financial burdens. There are many pregnancy insurance benefits such as:

  • Routine health checks – these health checks are required on preventive basis for avoiding any complications in the future. Pregnancy insurance provides coverage for routing health checks without any need to spend money from the policy holder’s pocket.
  • Hospital stay – under pregnancy insurance, pregnant females can stay at the hospitals at discounted rates. Pregnant females often come across anxiety as well as stress and caring atmosphere at hospital can relieve their minds.pregnancy insurance
  • Baby checkups – some pregnancy insurance policies provide coverage for baby’s checkup after the delivery. Newborn babies are vulnerable to diseases and routine baby checkups are mandatory for certain interval of time.
  • 24 hour counseling – many females need regular counseling to manage their postnatal activities and baby’s conditions. Maternity insurance providers offer round the clock counseling as per the requirement.
  • Ultrasound – this is very costly to get ultrasound done without having insurance. With maternity insurance, baby movements can be checked with the help of sonogram without paying a penny for the test.
  • Prescription medicines – drugs and medicines are expensive if people buy them without prescriptions. Maternity insurance can help people in getting costly medicines at discounted or free-of-cost rates.
  • Prenatal vitamins – a doctor is always the best persons to guide a pregnant female about the correct prenatal vitamins. People should not decide about the vitamins dose because wrong intake of vitamins can be harmful for health. All the expenditures related to counseling would fall under the pregnancy insurance benefits.        

Types of Pregnancy Insurance

There are two types of pregnancy insurance plans and these plans are – private pregnancy insurance and state-sponsored pregnancy insurance.

Private Pregnancy Insurance : Private pregnancy insurance can be availed in two ways. Firstly, female can have it as fundamental health insurance with reference to the employer. Secondly, one can have it under the section of health insurance policy only but as a household member. If pregnant female’s husband is working in a firm and firm has provided him health insurance, then his wife can be stated as a sheltered dependent under his policy.

State-sponsored Pregnancy Insurance : This type of pregnancy insurance is for those pregnant females who cannot pay for the expenses of hospital care and doctor visits. This insurance falls under the category of “Geography” where females have to abide by the laws stated by a state government.  This plan provides medical help to the low-income individuals and families.

Major Pregnancy Insurance Providers

Texas Supplemental Maternity Insurance

Texas Supplemental Maternity Insurance are specialists in providing reasonably priced supplemental maternity, dental, health, life and vision insurance plans. They have offices in California, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, Texas and Utah. They follow a baseline of offering $44 per month plan and insurance holder can receive ultimate benefit of $2,400.  They offer four types of insurance plans namely Texas Maternity Insurance, Texas Supplemental Maternity Insurance, Insurance for Pregnant Women and AFLAC Maternity Insurance.    


Aetna believes in providing advanced health benefits to the policy holders.  For providing protection to pregnant females, Aetna offers Beginning RightSM pregnancy program where prenatal and postnatal aspects are covered. Aetna also provides specific consultation on the subject of a healthy baby as well as pregnancy.


AmeriPlan represents country’s leading DMPO (Discount Medical Plan Organization) in offering supplemental medical benefits. Established in 1992, AmeriPlan offers biggest bargain basement priced free for service program. However, AmeriPlan is not typical health insurance provider but they provide coverage for all the continuing medical conditions excluding orthodontic treatment and contracted treatment plans. All the pregnant females are also included in their health care programs.