Benefits of Fish Insurance

Fish represents most popular pet in terms of numbers across the world. Fish insurance covers pet fish against illness, injuries and other medical urgencies. The concept of pet insurance is very common with dog and cat pet owners and is gaining popularity with fish owners too.

Fish insurance is slightly different from insurance of cats, dogs, primarily because fish being an aquatic animal is not exposed to some of the threats other pets are – such as fights, traffic related injuries, falls, etc. At the same time, mishaps are never certain and it is recommended to get fish insurance for avoiding such uncertain mishaps.

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Should you take Cat Insurance?

Having a pet cat is an amazing experience. These innocent looking and cute creatures soon become part of your family. As with all of us, cats also fall sick and get injured and thus need medical attention. Cat insurance is an easy and effective way to provide protected life to your beloved pet cat without any kind of financial burden on the your head.

Nowadays, pet insurance is not only required for the purpose of covering veterinary expenditure but for other purposes too. Insurance companies have understood that all the pet owners consider their pets as a part of their families and they are willingly providing various types of insurance coverage aspects for different life events of the pet cats. These are discussed below in detail.

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Benefits of Horse Insurance

Unlike other insurances, people usually choose not to get the insurance for their horses. The major reason behind this aspect is the cost of the insurance. Most horse owners do not realize the true value of insuring their horse.

Horse insurance is trickier than other pet insurance and decision of taking an insurance should be based upon the value of the horse. Horse owners are supposed to weigh the worth of their horse by checking its record and sale price. This can be done with the help of an expert horse insurance underwriter and people should ensure that their horse in neither under insured nor over insured. Typically a horse which is worth less than $15,000 and age less than 15 years can will have 3% of its worth as annual insurance premium. Therefore, for example, it would require $300 in a year for providing full mortality coverage to a $10,000 worth horse. This type of insurance can provide coverage against death irrespective to the cause of death.

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What is Pet Liability Insurance?

In principle, liability insurance offers policy holder protection against the property damage. Pet liability insurance covers injury to someone or damage to someone’s property by the insurance holder’s pet. People should not mistake it for general pet insurance which insures the particular pet against the specific injury or illness.

Animals follow their basic instincts and they are more likely to defend themselves under intentional/unintentional threats by scratches or bites. This sometimes leads to unfortunate accidents even involving injuries to humans.    For example, an unwary cat can scratch or bite a kid if one tugs upon its tail.

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Benefits of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance provides the basic coverage to the insurance holder’s pet in case of illness, injury or accident. Moreover, some insurance policies provide coverage for the death as well as theft of the pet.

The basic purpose of pet insurance lies in the mitigation of incurred expenses for treatment of pets during injury or illness. There are other variations of pet insurance where pet owners can avail certain payout amount due to pet demise or theft. There is continuous increase in the costs of medical technicalities and drugs which makes it difficult for the pet owners to take care of their pets. People have begun to understand this and there is an increase in the number of pet insurance holders in recent times.  

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Should you take Older Pet Insurance?

As your pet gets older, as with all of us, its tendency to fall sick increases. While there are so many pet insurance companies happily willing to insure a young pet, there are only a few who insure a old one, for obvious reasons. From a pet owners perspective older pet insurance is as important or even more important than an insurance of a young pet. Contrary to what insurers think, pet owners strongly believe, with proper care, their pets can easily live for a few more years. This is where old pet insurance comes into picture.

The premiums of older pet insurance are significantly higher than of young ones, but in most case, it's worth it if it can help improve and increase life of your pet. This also in many cases ensures that owner does not have to hesitate in case of expensive treatments which otherwise would not have been possible for him to avail because of financial constraints.

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What is Pet Insurance?

We all love our pets. As with us, pets also need medical care and medicine in case they fall ill or get hurt. These trips to a vet are not cheap, especially when they happen all of a sudden or too frequently. With cost of both consultations and medicine on a rise it is getting tough for a pet owner to make ends meet. But if proper and timely medical treatment is denied, the situation can get worse with serious implications. Thus a pet owner is generally confused what and how to do. There are no payment plans offered by the veterinarians and they expect to receive the complete payment after treating the pet.

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Dog Insurance : Benefits and Types

Dogs can bring a blissful feeling in the house with a mixture of pleasure and security. Dogs are treated as one of the family members and thus it is mandatory for the pet owners to take responsibility for dogs’ well being too. In his lifetime a dog dog can fall sick, get injured or get stolen/lost. Under such circumstances, dog owners are advised to take the assistance of dog insurance as a perfect solution.

On an average, dog owners visit the veterinarian 2.3 times in a year for health check-ups and getting treatment for their dogs. This makes it an approximate sum of $211 per year. This can jump significantly if dog comes across a sudden unforeseen injury or other serious illness. There are other times when people have to go out of the station and leave their dogs at boarding kennels which is extremely unaffordable. Also, dog prescription drugs are not cheap.  This is where dog insurance comes to rescue. Dog insurance provides financial security to dog owners while ensuring their loved pet receives best and timely treatment.

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