Aromatherapy for Healing

Aromatherapy using essential oils has been used in many settings over the centuries – for healing, improve moods, relax the mind and body or for simple beauty treatment at health spas.

How Aromatherapy helps in healing of body

Aromatherapy Benefits to Endocrine system : Many clinical studies have found that qualified nurses and midwives have used specific essential oils for pregnant women. These oils like – lavender, jasmine, rose and frankincense – have created a feeling of well being in women going into labor and having contractions and it was found that such treatment meant that they required less pain medication at the time of delivery. Aniseed, fennel, clary sage have estrogen-like compounds that relieve menopause and PMS symptoms and other reproductive problems. The adrenal cortex gets stimulated by geranium oil. Peppermint oil reduces vomiting and nausea during labor.

Benefits fo Nervous System : Massage therapy using essential oils – bergamot, peppermint, chamomile, lavender, orange, lemon, rosemary, juniper, sandalwood etc – have found to alleviate feelings of depression, fear, stress and anxiety and heal the mind. Neroli reduces blood pressure and feeling of anxiety in those preparing to undergo surgeries like colonoscopy. Nerves are stimulated and function better as clogging is cleared using essential oils. 

Aromatherapy Benefits to Circulatory system : A massage with essential oils improves the functioning of the circulatory system, reduces palpitations and blood pressure. Oils that have special benefits on the circulatory system are – lemon for liquefying blood, neroli that cleanses blood and improves circulation and lavender that has sedative properties.

Aromatherapy Benefits to Lymphatic system : This system helps to fight infections in the body, helps in absorbing fat-soluble nutrients, helps in their distribution throughout the body, and drains excess fluid from tissues and cells. Aromatherapy for healing various symptoms of the lymphatic system include – simulating immunity and preventing edema; reducing blood viscosity; improve lymph flow from lymphatic to circulatory system; helps with waste absorption and reduces inflammation of tissues; improves manufacture of white blood cells that are critical in fighting various infections. Some of the essential oils that have beneficial effects on the lymphatic system are – fennel, juniper, geranium, rosemary, bergamot, thyme, chamomile, lemon and lavender.

aromatherapy for healing

Aromatherapy Benefits to Musculo-skeletal system : Aromatherapy for healing offers several benefits to the musculo-skeletal system. Tense muscles, stretched tendons and ligaments can benefit from a massage using marjoram, rosemary, lavender or chamomile, which have analgesic properties. Inflammation of the bones, joints, and soft tissues can be reduces by black pepper and rosemary for a massage with these oils can improve blood supply to these regions.  

Aromatherapy Benefits to Respiratory System : Frankincense essential oil is provides relief for symptoms of bronchitis and cough. To get relief, add a few drops to a bowl of hot water and the steam inhaled for a few minutes.

Probiotic benefits

All essential oils possess probiotic properties as they fight disease and infection by building up the natural defenses of the body. An imbalance of probiotic bacteria in the body can lead to intestinal problems and skin problems. Ginger, peppermint and lemongrass are essential oils with great digestive properties.

Antibacterial properties of essential oils

Many essential oils help to heal abrasions, wounds and cuts, help to regenerate damaged tissue and protect the body from harmful bacteria. Oregano has excellent anti-microbial properties. Tea tree oil is an excellent remedy for minor infections. Other oils that have antiseptic properties are cedar wood, basil, frankincense, clove, cinnamon, rose, lavender, sandalwood and lemon. 

Other Healing Properties of Essential oils

Peppermint oil improves digestion. Citrus oils strengthen the immune system. Those with rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, on dialysis require less pain medication when they use different essential oils like peppermint or chamomile. While human studies are lacking, the effects of aromatherapy for healing cannot be denied.

Some oils like lemon and juniper have detoxifying benefits and help to remove waste products – lactic acid and uric acid – from the body.

Choice of essential oil and application methods

To enjoy benefits of aromatherapy for healing, choose the right essential oils that are certified organic. Organic essential oils will not contain residues of herbicides, pesticides, harmful chemicals that are dangerous. Use carrier oils to dilute essential oils before topical application to prevent skin irritations.

Application methods

The healing properties of essential oils can be enjoyed through a relaxing massage, by adding a few drops in bath water and enjoy a lovely soak or topically by using face creams, toners, body lotions etc. Essential oil diffusers also allow you to enjoy the healing benefits of aromatherapy. Add a few drops of oil in a small container of water that is warmed from below using a night bulb or a lit candle. Pour a few drops on to your pillow, handkerchief or cotton ball and inhale the aroma. 


Aromatherapy for healing various illnesses has been used for many centuries. Essential oils that are inhaled or absorbed into the body through massages or lotions aid the natural healing process of the body, alleviate many health problems and promote a feeling of health and well-being.