Benefits of Camphor Oil

Camphor essential oil is obtained from the Cinnamomum Camphora, which belongs to the Lauraceae family and is also termed as hon-sho, gum camphor, true camphor, along with Formosa and Japanese camphor.

Camphor Oil Properties : After distillation and purification under vacuum, this oil is filter pressed and it produces three type of oil are produced – brown, white, and yellow camphor. Out of these only white camphor oil is utilized and exhibits a clear and fresh aroma. Rest two camphor are carcinogenic toxic and is not used for medicinal purposes.

Components of Camphor Oil : Different ingredients of camphor oil include Alcohol, Pinene, Camphene, Borneol, Terpene, Safrol and Camphor Oil. In addition to manifesting a cool aroma, it is also equipped with multiple medicinal properties as well.

Benefits of Camphor Oil

The benefits of Camphor Essential Oil are myriads for instance anti spasmodic, decongestant, anti septic, sedative, anesthetic, nervous reliever, anti neuralgic, disinfectant, anti inflammatory, along with insecticide and host of other.

Diaphoretic and Stimulant Properties : This oil is considered to be a great stimulant. It trigger metabolism, digestion, circulation, excretion, thus curing disorders related to wrong circulation, improper metabolic rates, digestion, including obstructed secretions also.

Combats Septic, Infection, Insect Bite and Germs : This oil is great insecticide, disinfectant, and germicide. It can be incorporated to the water used for drinking, specifically during rainy and summer times when chances of water borne infections are high, to ward off any such possibility. If a bottle filled with camphor oil is kept open or you can also sock a cotton piece and burn it, this process can kill germs and ward off insects. Adding few drops of this oil in huge quantity of grain can retain it from getting infected by insects and other germs. It is also administered to produce medical lotions and ointments.

Decongestant : The influential aroma of this oil can act as a strong decongestant. It can work instantly in clearing the blocks of larynx, pharynx, bronchi, lungs and nasal tracts. Due to these properties, it is added in several cold rubs and decongestant balms.

Nervous Soother and Anesthetic : This oil acts as a great anesthetic also most frequently used as local anesthesia. This oil also neutralizes the sensory nerves along with the location where it has been applied. It also soothes nervous problems and nervousness and epileptic attacks etc.

Anti Sedative and Anti Inflammatory : The soothing and strong rejuvenating influence of this oil is resultant of its sedative and anti inflammatory characteristics. It is useful in treating almost all kind of inflammatory conditions. It also soothes mind and body offering a great feeling of relaxation calmness and peace. It is quite cooling and rejuvenating specifically in summer season.

Narcotic : Camphor oil is equipped with narcotic ingredients and it can temporarily desensitize the nervous system and calms brain. This oil can enable brain‘s control on other parts of the body, if consumed in more than advised quantity. The very smell of this oil is sedative. Camphor smelling can often turn out to be addictive for many people.camphor oil

Combats Rheumatism and Arthritis : Manifesting a stimulant and detoxifying effects on the circulatory system, triggers circulation of blood and offers soothing effect in rheumatism, gout and arthritis. It is equipped with anti phlogistic properties, which wards off any type of swelling of any part of body.

Antispasmotic : Camphor manifests anti-inflammatory characteristics. Albeit, it is pungent, it is facilitated as a decongestant. The smell triggers the cold receptors found in the mucus membranes and work as a spasmolytic in bronchial tubes. This oil can also eliminate parasites and promotes digestion, if consumed internally in prescribed quantity. It is also said to be promoter of circulating system and relief joint pain. It is used to treat sprains, and muscle cramps and can be used as bam on chapped lips and cold sores.

Help Clear Acne : Camphor oil is effective in treating acne as well. Acne leads to swelling and redness, which is due to a bacterial infection. This oil's antibacterial properties clear the acne breakout. This oil can also be mixed with skin lotion and in a steam treatment to get relief from all these.

Help With Respiratory Infections : Camphor oil is beneficial to treat any infection appeared in respiratory tract. You can add a few drops of white camphor oil in a hot water pot and inhale its steam. It will eliminate the infection source and loosens mucus enabling you draining it out of your respiratory system.

Helps Reducing Skin Problems : Camphor oil is a great remedy if used topically to soothe several skin conditions. This oil can be applied if you are suffering from insect bites, cold sores, itchiness, eczema, burns or any type of unusual skin disorder. It also provides relief if you are received bruise. It can also be facilitated as insect repellent to ward off insect bites and keep it away from your house.

Some Other Benefits of Camphor Oil : People suffering from low libido can get benefited by the application of this oil, as it works as natural aphrodisiac. The oil when taken internally can treat such problems. Whooping cough, measles, hysteria, influenza, infections in reproductive organs, food poisoning, insect bites, and host of other are some other medical conditions, which can be treated using this oil.

Precautions Using Camphor Oil

It is strong oil and its application requires lot of care and precaution. It is not fully and widely used in aromatherapy as it is considered to be convulsant and neurotoxin. Overdosing of this oil may lead to convulsions and nausea and it’s advisable for the pregnant women as well people who are suffering from epilepsy and asthma to stay away from using this oil.


Camphor oil is powerful and beneficial oil in terms of treating many medical conditions which may include several skin disorders and other ailments. This oil is equipped with multiple useful elements and ingredients due to which it is used and applied worldwide. You can use this oil under the guidance and advice of your physician and yield optimum benefits.