Benefits of Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile oil is obtained from the petals of the Chamomile plant which are popularly of two different types – the Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile. Nonetheless, the oils obtained from each of these Chamomiles are of almost similar qualities, pregnant with nearly same types of medicinal values, still they are not entirely similar in terms of their chemical composition and on some other aspects.

This essential oil chamomile owes its health benefits to its rich properties i.e., anti spasmodic, cicatrisant, anti biotic, anti depressant, anti phlogistic, anti neuralgic, cholagogue, anti septic, febrifuge, sedative, hepatic, nervine, antispasmodic, sudorific, bactericidal, stomachic, anti inflammatory, anti infectious, vulnerary, and vermifuge properties etc. Chamomile is the proud owner of scientific name – ‘Anthemis nobilis’.

Chamomile Oil Properties and Composition

The roman essential oil chamomile has an apple like sweet aroma and it displays a light blue color and watery appearance, whereas the German essential oil chamomile exhibits a sweet straw like aroma and dark blue shade.

Chemical Composition

The major chemical ingredients of Roman chamomile oils consists of camphene, pinene, sabinene, myrcene, b-pinene, 1,8-cineole, caryophyllene, propyl angelate, y-terpinene, and butyl angelate.
The main components of German chamomile oil are bisabolol, chamazulene, bisabolol oxide A, bisabolone oxide A and bisabolol oxide B.

Health Benefits of Chamomile Essential oil

There are several health benefits of essential oils and chamomile essential oil is no exception. It is armed with myriads of health benefits for which it is popular worldwide. A few of the more prominent benefits of essential oil chamomile include:

Anti Septic, Disinfectant, Bactericidal, and Anti Biotic : Essential oil chamomile is considered to be great anti-septic and anti-biotic. It inhibits biotic infections from growing and thus heals the wound faster. It also eliminates the infections that have already developed. These act as a great vermifuge as well by inhibiting all kinds of intestinal worms. It is applied on hair to get rid of lice/mites and maintains the health of scalp from any kind of infection and damages.


Anti-depressant and Mood Booster : Both the varieties have been tested very effective in fighting depression and for lifting spirit. It eliminates feeling of sadness, depression, disappointment, sluggishness etc. and induces a feeling of happiness and charged. Even smelling of these oils helps in surmounting depressive thoughts and transforms mood.

Combats Inflammation : Roman chamomile has been considered as highly effective in soothing your nerves warding off anger, annoyance, and inflammation, specifically in small children. The German version of chamomile has been found to be effective when applied on adults for treating the same types of inflammatory condition and offer soothing effect; particularly digestive and urinary related, which roman chamomile provides to children. It also decreases blood pressure and reduces swelling of the blood veins.

Digestive, Stomachic, Cholagogue, and Digestive : Essential oil Chamomile is pretty soothing for stomach disorders. It tones up stomach and maintains its functioning. It also stimulates secretion of digestive juices in stomach and improves digestion. This oil is also instrumental in promoting digestion. Having hepatic (encourage liver related functions), it maintains a great liver health and right secretion of bile from it. It also functions as Cholagogue, which improves secretion of hydrochloric acid, enzymes and bile in stomach, thus promotes digestion.

Anti Rheumatic & Anti Phlogistic : This oil also cures malfunctioning of circulatory system. It triggers regulation and detoxification of blood which include uric acid hence it can help treat disorders like Rheumatism, Arthritis and host of other, which are resultant of disturbed circulation and storage of uric.

Great Skin Spray : Essential oil chamomile has been accepted as a natural skin calmer that works well against sun or wind burn, as per herbalist Janice Cox, who is also the author of "Natural Beauty from the Garden." You can prepare a chamomile mixture by pouring it into a spray container and you can utilize this user-friendly skin soother. You should add few drops of essential oil chamomile into boiling water (one cup) and let it stand for minimum one hour. Now transfer this liquid into a clean and dry spray bottle. It is now ready to be applied by spraying onto your skin or you can also use a cotton pad to apply it in the form of a poultice.

Beneficial in Skin Treatment : Roman essential oil chamomile is beneficial to be used as a skin pain soother. It can be administered on skin to get rid of pain, inflammation and also for microbial treatment. It is applied, combined with a carrier oil or lotion like almond oil, on skin to ward off cracked nipples, wounds, burns, eczema, diaper rash, hemorrhoids and even ulcers.

Analgesic Properties : This oil is equipped with analgesic properties and is used to get relief from pain in joints, muscles, joints, sinus and toothache. It provides relief from severe neuralgia pain by narrowing the blood vessels around the ninth cranial nerve and thus reduces pressure on it.

Aromatherapy Benefits  : Roman essential oil chamomile is one of the aggressive and most effective oils in all essential oils facilitated in aromatherapy. The only essential oil that has outshined its benefits is the most ‘cherished lavender’. Chamomile is strongly soothing oil which offers its beneficial qualities on both emotional and physical conditions equally.

Precautions Using Essential Oil Chamomile

Both types of essential oil chamomile are believed to be non-toxic, yet they may exhibit emmenagogue properties if used in high concentrations. It is advisable to avoid using this oil during pregnancy and if face allergic reactions using any member of ragweed family, as this oil comes from that species.


Essential oil chamomile is one of the widely used essential oils known for its strong and sweet aroma. All essential oils are highly strong in its chemical composition and some other properties. Although, it is quite beneficial for multiple health conditions it is always suggested to take advice of some expert aroma therapist before kick starting any of the essential oils to reap the optimum benefits. Its benefits are soothing and equally effective if used in prescribed quantity. So, enjoy its aroma and make your day!