Benefits of Essential Oil of Rosemary

Rosemary essential oil is also considered as herb of remembrance. It produces an essential oil, which is colorless manifesting a strong, camphor fresh aroma. Rosemary is facilitated in several citrus colognes, perfumes, along with eau de cologne. Shampoos and rinses meant for dark hair is also equipped with rosemary, including disinfectants, soaps, room deodorants, and other types of household sprays. It offers aromatherapy benefit by providing invigorating and clarifying effects. Rosemary possesses the scientific name Rosmarinus Officinalis. This plant hails from the family of Laminaceae.

Chemical Composition of Rosemary Essential Oil

The most prominent chemicals, which rosemary oil consists of are borneol, a-pinene, b-pinene, 1,8-cineole, bornyl acetate, camphene, camphor, including limonene as well.

Benefits of Essential Oil of Rosemary

Rosemary essential oil is quite effective and widely used because it is equipped with medicinal components and some great health benefits.

Anti Oxidant : The compound present in rosemary essential oil – Carnosic Acid & Carnosol are very effective in combating free radicals which is one of the benefits of essential oil of rosemary. Elimination of free radicals can protect against Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral strokes, specific cancer etc.

Skin Care : Benefits of essential oil of rosemary are not so comprehensively facilitated in terms of skin care compared to hair care.  A frequent application of this essential oil of rosemary on skin can result in toning and getting rid of dryness in skin. In addition, it is also believed to be a beauty treatment for the face.

Hair Care : Rosemary oil and tea are considered to be widely used in hair care products like shampoos and hair treatment lotions. Frequent use of rosemary oil can trigger follicles and enable grow hair longer and stronger. Benefits of essential oil of rosemary can attenuate the premature graying of hair and excessive hair loss. It is considered an ideal remedy for bald people. It is also helpful for flaky and dry scalps. It can be combined with basil oil and tea tree oil to remove scalp troubles.

Analgesic : Offering relief from headache, muscular pain and migraine is also one of the most prominent benefits of essential oil of rosemary.

Anti Depressant : Benefits of essential oil of rosemary can also trigger mood and attenuates anxiety and gloominess because it work as a strong anti depressant.

Combats Indigestion : Essential oil of rosemary can ward off any type of indigestion, upset stomach and flatulence. Leaves of rosemary are incorporated to non vegetarian dishes to help it digest easily.

Benefits of essential oil of rosemary

Mouth Care : Benefits of essential oil of rosemary are considered to be useful in treating mouth disorders also due to its disinfectant properties. If it is used to wash mouth it can ward off bad breath.

Boost Mental Strength : This essential oil of rosemary works as a great tonic to brain and nerves.  It is often recommended for students to avoid the stress and help concentrating on studies. It triggers mental activeness and is accepted as great antidepressant oil to avoid amnesia and mental lethargy. Inhaling of rosemary oil can offer immediate relieve from depression and lift spirits.

Pain Relief : Essential oils of rosemary are used to get rid of pains like muscle cramps, sore muscles, headaches, rheumatism, and arthritis also. Painful part of the body, if massaged using rosemary essential oil, can provide instant relief from acute pain. Steamed baths facilitating rosemary oil is considered to be quite helpful and effective in treating rheumatism.

Aromatherapy benefits : Rosemary essential oil is equipped with an appealing and mesmerizing strong aroma and therefore, it is considered to be a great inhalant. This oil is facilitated as room freshener, beauty aids, in cosmetics, food, bath oil, performs, deodorants along with candles to enhance aromatic properties of the product. In aromatherapy this oil is inhaled to calm mental anxiety and stress. It is also used to clear respiratory passage. It is combined with oil and water to get rid of bad odor from the house or rooms.

Combats Respiratory Problems : The benefits of essential oil of rosemary are also useful in treating respiratory troubles. The aroma of the oil offers relief when there is throat congestion. Rosemary oil is also facilitated in getting rid of sore throat, respiratory allergies, cold and even flu.  Rosemary oil is an antiseptic agent given its effectiveness in treating respiratory infections. It can be believed that rosemary oil is antispasmodic and can be facilitated to get relieve from bronchial asthma.

Various other claimed health benefits of essential oil of rosemary oil could be its usefulness in treating irregular menstrual cycle, cramps during menstrual duration, peptic ulcer, and urine flow, prostate, intestine, heart, liver, cataract, sperm mobility, kidney stones, leukemia, and related pain. Research is still on to discover its potential as a treatment for various cancers like colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and stomach cancer.

Precautions Using Rosemary

Essential oil of rosemary manifests a stimulating effect on our body so it is advisable to be careful in terms of epileptics. Overuse or heavy dose of this oil can lead to muscle spasms or nervous twitches. It should be avoided during pregnancy.

Some essential tips that should be followed while optimizing benefits of essential oil of rosemary is that as these are extremely concentrated and a few are good for use on skin in the undiluted form. Ensure that you use only high quality essential oils to yield its optimum results. Don’t forget to dilute essential oils using carrier oils like olive, jojoba, apricot kernel, or some other natural oils. Now you can pour a few drops in Epsom salts kept in a bowl and let it dissolve in your bath tub. Now you are ready to take a healing bath.


Benefits of essential oil of rosemary are many which have already been elucidated above. This oil is highly strong for direct application hence it is suggested to use rosemary essential oil only combined with some carrier oil to enjoy its health benefits and soothing effects. Don’t hesitate to visit an expert to know more about this essential oil to facilitate its health benefits before you actually begin using this fabulous essential oil regularly.