Benefits of Eugenol Oil

The eugenol oil is a major ingredient of clove buds, which is often used and termed as clove oil. This oil is extracted from dried buds of clove via steam distillation and it is rich in eugenol acetal and caryophyllene. The scientific name of eugenol is obtained from the scientific name for clove – Eugenia caryophyllata. It is liable for the flavor of cloves. It is the prominent component in the essential oil derived from cloves, which comprises 72–90% of the total content.

Benefits of Eugenol Oil

This oil is quite stimulating and aromatic in nature and is used in the form of powder or infusion for the treatment of vomiting, flatulence, nausea, languid indigestion etc. It is also considered to be potential germicide and antiseptic. Eugenol oil is more often than not facilitated in combination with other medicines.

Anti Microbial and Anti Viral : This oil is used to deal with toothache and other gum and dental disorders. It assists combating infections in gums and tooth decay and also protects against bad breathe. If decoction of clove along with ginger, basil leaves and cinnamon is used, it can treat cold, cough, cold and sore throat also.

Anti Septic : Eugenol oil, found in clove essential oil, is known for its antiseptic properties basically due to its anti-microbial characteristics. It can be used on wounds, any type of injuries (only externally) to offer them a protective layer of anti septic effect.

Anaesthetic : Eugenol oil is used for numbing and getting relief from certain pains. Because of this property, it is used to alleviate pain due to severe burns, skin sensitivity and any kind of inflammations.

Aphrodisiac : Eugenol oil also acts as an aphrodisiac, which catapults libido. Some ancient citations manifest that it was facilitated for treating impotency, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunctions specifically in China. Nonetheless, it is not scientifically proved but due to its stimulating characteristics it is considered to be an anti depressant and mood booster.

Sedative : Eugenol oil is also used as a stress buster. If a few drops of eugenol oil is added in one glass of lukewarm water and taken, it can work as a great remedy for warding off mental fatigue, stress and offering a sound sleep. Hence, it is used to treat insomnia.

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Healing Properties of Eugenol Oil : This oil is often used in multiple ways as it is rich in ingredients that helps stabilizing blood circulation and maintain body temperature. If this oil is applied externally, it can provide stimulating effects on the skin, generating redness heat.

Antifungal properties : Preliminary research has manifested that eugenol can be rich in additional, more potential medicinal value. For instance, some studies indicated that eugenol combats bacteria and eliminates the development of several fungi, like Candida albicans, the pathogen instrumental for majority of yeast infections found in human being.

In cell cultures, this oil has been found to have 1.4 and 2.3 times better in fighting C. albicans and C. tropicalis, compared to those medications of the antifungal pharmaceutical nystatin. It is often also facilitated for combating fungal infections often witnessed on the skin, vagina, and ears in some of the countries, but this remedy may lead to some kind of irritation or dermatitis, hence it is advisable to try this remedy only after consulting your health care adviser.

Antioxidant : Preliminary study and research also exhibit that eugenol oils is a great fat-soluble antioxidant, eliminating the assimilation of fat peroxide component in red blood cells, regulating the functions of the body’s antioxidant enzymes and keeping them within normal level. The complete  results of laboratory studies suggests that only small quantity of eugenol is required for a great protective effect as eugenol can be injected into cell membranes and can prevent lipid peroxidation instantly  in place.

Digestive Disorders : Eugenol triggers flow of enzymatic and promotes functioning of digestive. They are facilitated in several forms of gastric dyspepsia irritability. Consuming the fried cloves powder with honey, can controlling vomiting tendency. The anesthetic properties of eugunol neutralize the stomach and gullet and thus cease vomiting episodes.

Eugenol Oil for Toothache : Eugenol is the primary content of the clove oil and it is a natural pain killer. Eugenol oil is used for centuries to getting rid of toothaches. A combination of eugenol oil along with zinc oxide has been recommended by dentists to soothe toothache. Several toothpastes and mouth fresheners are equipped with eugenol oil, due to its good aromatic effect.

Carminative : It expedites digestion process by triggering secretion of hydrochloric acid found in the stomach and by catapulting peristaltic motion. It is also considered to be a great source helping in expelling gas and provide relief from flatulence.

Depurative : The flavonoids found in eugenol oil are equipped with depurative; a component that is instrumental in purification of blood. It cleans blood by eliminating free radicals found in blood.

Potential Acne Healer : While eugenol oil's safe usage is yet to be determined, it has manifested the potential to combat bacteria.  As per a study conducted in the year 2009 on the antibacterial properties of eugenol oil it has been indicated that it can be used in future in the form of a therapeutic agent useful for acne.

Precautions Using Eugenol Oil

This oil may lead to some sort of allergic rashes if administered to the skin or in the inner parts of the mouth. If consumed or applied in large quantities in its undiluted form, it may lead to some reported side effects, which may include vomiting, sore throat, sedation, breathing problem, seizure, liver damage, erectile dysfunction and few others.


Eugenol oil is the primary component of clove oil and is equipped with multiple health benefits and is used to treat several medical conditions. Blending with different other essential oils, eugenol oil can become even more effective in treating certain medical conditions. It is always suggested to take advice of physician before using this oil as it may lead to some side effects if used in excess quantity.