Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is extracted from the skin of orange via cold compression process. Orange owns Citrus Sinensis as scientific name. Essential oil of orange is facilitated in variety of industrial, domestic and medicinal purposes. At domestic level it is leveraged to incorporate flavor and aroma to beverages, sweets and desserts. At industrial level it is added in body lotions, soaps, anti-wrinkle products, room fresheners, chocolates, biscuits and may other bakery products.

Orange Oil properties

Sweet orange oil provides a fresh, tangy and sweet aroma and is yellow to orange in shade and a bit watery. It has a shelf life of almost 6 months.The prime chemical elements present in orange oil are pinene, myrcene, limonene, sabinene, citronellal, neral, linalool and geranial.

Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

The health advantages of orange essential oil lies in its various medicinal properties like anti-depressant, anti-spasmodic, tonic etc.
The various medicinal uses of orange essential oil include:

Anti Inflammatory : It offers fast and effective relief from external and internal burning sensation due to excessive consumption of spices, infections, side effects of any type of drug, fever, gas, intake of toxic elements, narcotics etc.

Anti Depressant : The very aroma of orange essential oil turns your mood on and set aside all somber and depressions. This characteristic of orange makes it a great ingredient to be a part of aromatherapy. This oil offer a great happy, relaxed and calming feeling and acts as a mood bolster.

Anti Spasmodic benefits :  Spasm is the key of various troubles like convulsion, persistent coughs, muscle cramps and extreme diarrhea. If you want to avoid them all, you need to get rid of spasm first. Orange essential oil can do this miracle and relaxes the nervous and muscular spasm and offer relief and soothing nerve.

Phrodisiac : This oil is equipped with a mild aphrodisiac component. Regular and organized facilitation of orange essential oil can catapult lost libido, treat erectile problems and impotency. It can work as panacea to all sexual disorders that people often face due to wrong eating habits and modern lifestyles.

Anti Septic : Cuts are prone to receiving septic bacterial infection. It is more witnessed if the injury has been received from iron object. This septic may lead to getting infected which may be resultant of tetanus germs. Orange essential oil can help protect against septic as well as tetanus as it eliminates microbial growth and act as antiseptic on the wounds.

Diuretic : This oil is also useful in getting rid of intestinal gases. Not to worry, if you are suffering from excessive gas formation. Orange oil can rescue you from this problem. It also stimulates urination to drain out the toxins like bile, uric acid, pollutants, excess salts, and excessive quantity of water content from your body through urine. Right process of urination also catapults your appetite and accelerates digestion. It also helps in cutting down excess weight and it also works to maintain a great and healthy heart.

orange essential oils

Anti-Cancer : Orange oil is rich in D-limonene, which is super-nutrient found in orange oil. It is quite evident through various studies and researches that it has the potential to inhibit cellular mutations and fight against development of cancer tumor.

Skin Treatment : The essential oil of orange has been witnessed to promote the generation of collagen and it also enhances the flow of blood within the skin. Thus it helps in rejuvenating the dry, wrinkled and tired skin and it also fades away acne spots. It works great if rubbed on the feet for getting soothing and calming effects.

Can Help Control Pests : Ants are enemy to orange essential oil as it changes their pheromone trail and make it tough for them to find the way back to their homes. To avail this natural remedy, you should mix orange oil, water and a small quantity of alcohol and sprinkle it all over the home.

Insecticide : Orange essential oil has also been proved to be a great and effective insecticide, if the research and study went online in the Nov, 2010 in the journal "Natural Products Communications" is to be believed. As per the study, essential oil extracted from the peels of two difference oranges like bitter and pear oranges were tested on a special kind of whitefly that is known for transmitting viruses found in plant that harms agricultural crops. It was found that orange oil was 99% effective at eliminating this whitefly. It was concluded that orange essential oil has the potential to be used a strong insecticide in case of getting rid of whitefly.

Aflatoxins : According to a study, published in a Journal “Food and Chemical Toxicology" in the June month of 2010, it has been indicated that orange oil is equipped with effective antimicrobial elements, which fight against food-contamination. The oil entirely eliminates aflatoxins — a kind of cancer-developing toxin generated by fungi. The orange essential oils also manifested antioxidant effects on lipid oxidation. It was suggested by the researcher that the use of orange oils is safe as plant-driven food preservatives to protect against fungi and to work against rancidity.

Precautions Using Orange Essential Oil

Essential oil of orange manifests photo-toxicity hence it is advisable to avoid sun exposure if you have applied this oil for some time. If taken in excessive volume it may lead to nausea, vomiting and uneasiness. It is suggested to avoid using orange essential oil during pregnancy, or if you suffering from epileptic, liver damage, cancer, or other medical condition.

Apply this oil only under the supervision and guidance of some qualified aromatherapy professional. Essential oils are not advisable to be used in place of any medical treatment prescribed by doctors.


Orange essential oil is coupled with myriads of properties and ingredients which are highly strong, beneficial and comprises of medicinal benefits. The most important thing that everyone should remember while using these essential oils is never use these oil in their purest forms. These are too strong to pamper you. Be safe and enjoy its magical power.