Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil

The sandalwood essential oil is obtained via steam purification of wood pieces of sandal trees which have crossed 40-80 years of age. The quantity of the oil and its rich aroma depends on the old age of tree. It increases with the old age of the tree. The Indian sandal (scientific name Santalum Album) has been accepted as the best quality. In addition, Hawaiian Sandal is also known for its high quality.

Sandalwood Oil Properties

This oil is coupled with a woody, subtle, exotic and lingering fragrance manifesting a pale yellow to light gold color. This essential oil consists of 90% santalol and hence transforming it into superior sandalwood oil.

Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil

The various benefits of sandalwood essential oil owe to its properties such as anti inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-phlogistic, astringent, cicatrisant, anti spasmodic, carminative, disinfectant, diuretic, emollient, hypotensive, expectorant, memory enhancer, tonic and sedative. Some of the most prominent and widely reported benefits of sandalwood essential oil include:

Anti Septic : Sandalwood essential oil is a great anti-septic and quite safe for external and internal application. It protects ulcer from infection and also treat boils, pimples and wounds.

Anti Inflammatory : Both sandalwood paste and the essential oil are considered to be highly anti-inflammatory properties. They provide a great cooling effect and soothes from any type of inflammatory disorder in nervous system, nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system, insect bites, excretory system etc.

Astringent : Nonetheless quite mild, this oil is equipped with some astringent characteristics which lead to contraction in skin, muscles and gums. This property is quite beneficial as it consolidates gums and teeth, strengthens muscles, tightens of skin etc.

Disinfectant : The disinfectant property of sandalwood essential oil is widely used in the religious celebrations and cosmetic preparations. The fragrance of this essential oil wards off microbes and small insects. Due to this reason sandalwood essential oil is prominently facilitated in sprays, incense sticks, evaporators and fumigants to make the entire surrounding disinfected. This oil is also combined with bathing water or other oils and lotions to administer on wounds and skin to ensure protection against any type of infections. This essential oil is also consumed with milk to treat internal infections like throat, stomach, oesophagus, excretory tracts, intestines, etc.

Aromatherapy Facilitation : Sandalwood oil is being used for years in the form of traditional medicine. It is more popular in India andSandalwood essential oil China for conventional treatment, which is prominently known as Ayurveda in India. It has multiple applications like urinary and genital infections, digestive complaints, dry coughs, throat infections, laryngitis, depression, anxiety and nervous disorders. Sandalwood can also be facilitated for skin care like it can soothe dry, chapped and cracked skin. It is suitable for all skin types and is non toxic.

Facilitated in Perfumery Products : Sandalwood oil is comprehensively used in natural perfumery products in the form of soothing agent, fixative, and base note. It gathers all other oils and produces a graceful aroma without taking away or overpowering other oils. Sandalwood is the prominent oil in the making of conventional attars in India.

Spiritual Use : It is believed to be beneficial for aromatic treatment and meditation, calming and focusing of brain. It is facilitated in the form of incense in temples to make us realize the heavenly realms. Deities are often designed and made from Sandalwood and installed in temple or kept upon the altar of the home. During ancient times, when there was no dearth of sandalwood, it was used to build parts of temples. Meditation garlands and beads are often made with sandalwood. The paste of sandalwood is facilitated in several rituals and to anoint the forehead as a token of a blessing.

Vaporizers and Burners : In steam therapy, oil of sandalwood is facilitated due to its aphrodisiac properties, to open bronchitis, clear coughs, ward off chest infections, insomnia, asthma, nervous stress, tension, for soothing and act as an insect repellant.

Gargle : Sandalwood essential oil is quite effective if it is applied as a gargle in its diluted form for a sore and dry throat.

Mental Health Aid : Sandalwood essential oil is also administered to attenuate the signs of anxiety and depression. This oil is often used in a fused oil application for massage therapy to help those people who are sufferers of depression.

Fragrance : Sandalwood is considered to be one of the most popular and soothing fragrance for centuries.  The oil obtained from sandalwood is mostly used to induce fragrance to perfumes, cosmetics and soaps. Due to sanatols, which are the most prominent element of sandalwood plant, this plant is known for its mesmerizing and appeasing aroma. When administered in a oil burner this essential oil can generate meditative phase during yoga session.

Combats Viral Infections : Due to its potential to fight viral infections, sandalwood essential oil is also applied to combat viral infections and treat other viral based coughs, flu, and infections. This oil is helpful in treating some other types of infections like laryngitis, heartburn, sore throat, congestion of chest along with bronchitis conditions. This oil works as a diuretic and often administered to stimulate urination by easing the passage of urine and clean the urinary system. It is also used to fight urinary tract infections as well.

Psychological profile : Sandalwood is helpful for apprehension, emotional exhaustion, insecurity, fear, lack of courage, nervous tension, sensitivity, shyness, tearfulness, timidity and weakness of spirit.

Precautions Using Sandalwood Essential Oil 

There is no known health precautions required for using sandalwood essential oil.  It is specifically recommended that no essential oil should be ingested orally or administered on the skin without diluting it using carrier oil. It is also suggested for pregnant women and those people suffering from some other types of medical conditions like liver or heart disorder, epilepsy and also cancer that they should take extra precautions using sandalwood oil in aromatherapy.


Sandalwood essential oil is mostly known for its fragrance and several medicinal and aromatic properties. Don’t hesitate to enjoy its cooling fragrance during aromatherapy. Just remember you take advice of the specialist to know its right application and quantity of usage.